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hairtumor 01-26-2011 7:52 PM

any discount for Cal Gunners?

duraglock 01-26-2011 8:03 PM

use the code calguns for free shipping on orders over 50.00.

Also if you catch us at a show we offer calguns discounts.

WilliamAnderson 05-28-2011 1:11 AM

God bless that discount code. Thanks Solar Tactical. Just bought your mag lock a 10/30 74 mag and a Tapco G2. Doing your customers well :D

TacticalPlinker 05-31-2011 1:57 AM

Outstanding. Had no idea about the discount. Will keep that in mind for gun show next weekend and future online orders. Would of been useful in May as well...

duraglock 06-01-2011 4:29 PM

No problem.

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