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Librarian 11-16-2010 4:04 PM

Please do not post whole articles
There are a few folks who are suing web sites and their owners for copyright violation.

Since I'm sure all of us would rather have Calguns avoid expensive legal problems, please do not repost whole articles unless you have written permission to do so from the copyright holder. (Some people give that freely; if you have the permission, please post it after the article.)

UPDATE: See the stickies
Web sites are being sued even with reasonable legal protections in place.

Instead, please post a short, quoted (use the 'speech balloon' button) teaser of about 1 sentence to 1 paragraph, and then include the link to the article. Add whatever reasonable comments you care to provide.

Thanks for your cooperation.

For Further Reading ...

"Fair Use" of copyrighted material on and from the web is still somewhat 'squishy' - see Brad Templeton's article and the link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation page on Fair Use he provides. See also the FAQ from the .gov Copyright office.

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