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obeygiant 10-14-2010 10:08 PM

(removed dead link to out-of-date CGF GC statement data)

obeygiant 11-27-2010 3:47 PM

Colusa Good Cause Statements are now available Here

Blackhawk556 12-08-2010 9:58 AM

"self protection
work 24 hours a day"

love it :clap:

Blackhawk556 12-08-2010 9:58 AM

"self protection
work 24 hours a day"

love it :clap:

Bert Gamble 03-21-2011 2:33 AM

Colusa County
I live in Colusa County and am wondering if anyone has recent experience with obtaining a CCW?

I would appreciate any relevant information.

Thank you

uyoga 03-21-2011 12:40 PM

"Self protection, protection of my family"

Gotta love it!

Winston1980 05-10-2011 7:51 AM

Are these the only good cause statements avail on cal guns? Have these statements been approved for a ccw? Thanks!

cdtx2001 05-18-2013 6:42 AM

Does anyone have any updates? My friend is trying to obtain a permit from Colusa and I thought I'd pass on what's here.

Bert Gamble 08-14-2016 5:51 PM

I tried to apply in Colusa County in 2012-2013, but was denied the opportunity each time by the Sheriff. His reason was that I lived inside the city limits, and his policy was to accept and issue permits to only those who reside outside of the cities in the county. He stated that he had an agreement with the Police Chiefs, that it would be done this way.

I had a meeting with the Police Chief, and was promptly told that he did not believe in issuing to civilians who did not have extraordinary good cause, such as documented death threats.

I contacted CGF, and they spoke to both the Sheriff and the Chief. The Chief stated that there was no such agreement between himself and the Sheriff, and that he would not grant permits. The Sheriff basically told CGF to sue him if they wanted, but he would not accept applications.

I believe this is the way an anti 2A Sheriff can pretend to conduct a "Shall Issue County", without actually issuing many permits.

I moved to Mendocino County and promptly got a permit.

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