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Francis Marion 01-17-2010 11:18 PM

Rifle marksmanship and heritage weekend
Appleseed Project comes to South Bay Rod and Gun Club this Jan 30-31.

Instruction is given in rifle shooting, from standing, sitting, prone positions. Hear American Revolutionary War history at lunch.

There were some hard American women who helped in the Running Fight which began our War of Independence; you'll hear their stories.

To encourage family participation, US military personnel, ladies, and all persons under 21 attend at no cost save host range fees of $5 per day.

Bring a rifle for each shooting participant, 250 rounds per person per day and a sack lunch.

Event sign up and details here:

Francis Marion 02-06-2010 12:13 PM

This is to thank the ladies who shot with Appleseed this past weekend. We learned a lot, about shooting and about history.

Paul Revere wasn't the only person who made history in April 1775; many men, and also many women, made courageous decisions to win Liberty for themselves and for us.

Women like Mother Batherick. Did you know that what she did on Battle Road was reported to King George? (Anybody today happen nto know what she did? ...crickets...we're ignorant of our own heritage!!!)

Prudence Wright. What!!!?? How come we don't know the story of women like Prue Wright? And Melicent Barrett, Hannah Davis... Ruth Harrington...

If your history class never made time to tell the stories of these American women, you'll be sure to hear what they accomplished (and endured) in the first battle of the Revolutionary War.

Appleseed events offer a safe, family-friendly environment to shoot rifles and to learn about 18th century patriots.

Hope to see your family at an Appleseed event in California this year; there's one happening someplace in CA every month.

Schedule here:

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