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THT 10-18-2009 8:57 PM

Let's see what you've built with parts from!
Feel free to share pictures of your builds with parts you got from!

Vinz 10-22-2009 7:51 PM

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Midwestpx for all my Magpul goods!!!!

thank you for all the great service Ty!!

xxG3xx 10-25-2009 1:43 PM

I hope I can snag a MS2 from you Friday!

thanks again for all of the great parts and prices you have provided us here at Calguns

xxG3xx 02-05-2010 7:50 PM

I will add updated pics with my new afg once I get my flashlight and pressure switch in.

gunsnrovers 02-06-2010 6:23 AM

This DD and the BCM both have bits and pieces from you. :)

THT 02-06-2010 8:16 AM

All of these builds look great, guys! :D

Shenaniguns 02-20-2010 11:44 PM

Only the AFG was purchased from you for this build 'so far' :D

$P-Ritch$ 04-19-2010 6:46 PM

Here's mine finally. Everything magpul on there I got from you plus the LMT buffer tube.

Jeffu 04-19-2010 7:01 PM

JohnnyRooks 04-19-2010 7:08 PM

THT 04-19-2010 7:18 PM

Fan-freakin-tastic builds, guys!

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