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Guys have a sale
ak locks 10.00 off 28.00 Some of the best locks out and will still include a free 12.00 selctor tab . (Last week for the free slecetor tab deal for calgunners.)

grip wraps up to 10.00 off We have the only grip options
ton of new models to go featureless even custom belt fed models.

block kits all models 33% off The original block kits.
These are not plastic squares each one is made to match the body of the magazine for perfect feeding.

Magnetic bullet buttons 8.00 One of the best sellers.

More itmes marked down come and get them sale ends monday.

Also look for at the cow palce gun show. Will have display models to fondle.

anto 09-05-2009 2:36 PM

The block kits were $36 for 4, does that mean it's $23.76 for a 4 pack?
Got any pictures?

lcortes62 09-06-2009 7:55 AM

I just order 2 more mag locks on you web site. Great price/great product. Will I automatically get the extended latch? Thanks.

duraglock 09-06-2009 9:02 AM

Yes this is the last week for the free extended selector tabs. That upgrade alone is about 40.00 if you have someone do it or get the free latch drill 2 holes and crush the rivets. Did one on my pistol build and it took about 8 minutes with the right tools.

Blocks are down to 8.00 each so it would be 32.00. I was doing the buy 3 get 1 free but have not offered that lately. Which one were you looking for?

duraglock 09-07-2009 8:50 AM

btt last day. Thanks for all the orders so far.

duraglock 09-08-2009 7:16 AM

Guys thanks for all the orders. Look for us at the cow palace gun show.

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