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Jonathan Doe 07-27-2009 4:04 PM

Ammo Shipping Problem
Has anyone tried to ship ammo? I tried 3 places today, none of them wil ship it.

1. UPS store: They said they are not authorized/licensed to accept ammo and cannot ship it. Said I have to go to the UPS hub which is 30 miles away.

2. USPS: Showed me a chart saying they cannot accept ammo.

3. Mail connection place handling UPS, FEDEX, USPS etc.: said their contract prevents them from accepting ammo, and said to try FEDEX/Kinko. I will try it tomorrow.

But, what is going on? I cannot ship non explosive, sporting ammo? Is it a new liberalism at the highest? Ammo is such a dangerous item to ship?

Alexjr1967 07-27-2009 4:10 PM

You can ship it ... just have to go directly to a UPS shipping warehouse and not one of the UPS Stores ... they are a just a retail store

Scratch705 07-27-2009 4:17 PM

Go to UPS online, and print out your own label. then just drop off at the UPS stores. with the appropriate ORM-D w/ rectangel around the words on the box. they will take it then, the UPS stores just don't print up labels when it comes ammo for some reason but yet will take a pre-labeled box with ammo inside it.

BTW just don't mention that its ammo inside, just hand them the pre-labeled box, and just leave. since the ORM-D label can mean many things.

THT 07-27-2009 4:58 PM

Yes, make sure it has an ORM-D label like this one:

Sheepdog1968 07-27-2009 5:00 PM

I've shipped from UPS and had the ORM-D on it and told them it was ammo and there was no problem.

Scratch705 07-27-2009 5:09 PM

i think some of the UPS stores just don't want to take the liability. so they send people to the main processing center to ship ammo.

but as i said, just print a label online, and just drop off in store. they will take it, they just don't seem to want to print the labels for it?

MiguelS 07-27-2009 5:50 PM

I always keep the boxes that get shipped to me that are ammo. It already has the ORD label.

FedEx or UPS ...either one says you have to use the hub.

Mssr. Eleganté 07-27-2009 10:30 PM

The "UPS Store" you went to is just an independently owned franchise. The people who work there are not employees of UPS. If you go to the UPS web site and print up your shipping label using the web ship feature then you can just hand the package to any UPS guy you see driving around town in his big brown truck. You can also ship from a real UPS customer counter at your local UPS facility, but even there it will go more smoothly if you have already printed up the shipping label at home using the web ship.

And here's a thread where you can download a sheet of ORM-D labels...

Eroland7 07-27-2009 10:32 PM

yup a UPS hunb or a fed ex place. Those ups stores and other middleman shipping places will not take it... i had the same problem last week. ended up going to a fedex store.

joe_lafrieda 07-28-2009 5:43 AM


Originally Posted by Eroland7 (Post 2836070)
i had the same problem last week. ended up going to a fedex store.

Do you mean one of those FedEx/Kinkos places?

Does anyone here have experience shipping properly labeled ammo from a FedEx/Kinkos? I have a case of 22LR ammo that I have to ship out today, and really don't want to drive 25 miles to the FedEx Hub.

Jonathan Doe 07-28-2009 7:13 AM

I will try Fedex/Kinko today.

Jonathan Doe 07-28-2009 3:34 PM

I actually went to UPS Hub today in Sylmar and shipped it. No problem there. At leas it was on my way home from work.

BLACK LION 07-28-2009 3:40 PM

You have to go to a ups customer service Hub and it has to ship ground.
Make sure to print boldly ORM-D on all six sides of the box.

Mssr. Eleganté 07-28-2009 8:43 PM


Originally Posted by BLACK LION (Post 2839139)
Make sure to print boldly ORM-D on all six sides of the box.

You only need to put the "ORM-D" marking on one side of the box. And you must also include the words "CARTRIDGES, SMALL ARMS".


49 CFR §172.316 Packagings containing materials classed as ORM-D.

(a) Each non-bulk packaging containing a material classed as ORM-D must be marked on at least one side or end with the ORM-D designation immediately following or below the proper shipping name of the material.

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