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Meety Peety 11-10-2017 2:53 PM

WTS: High End Precision AR-15 - 6.5 Grendel - (Part-Out Options) - San Diego
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Up for sale is my precision AR-15 in 6.5 Grendel. Built around a top of the line 24" Satern cut rifled barrel and premium billet receivers, this gun is a real tack driver and will reach out to 1000 yards with ease.

This gun is currently configured as a featureless rifle with a Magpul MIAD grip with Backfin (The backfin has been stippled, the MIAD has not and is brand new). Pictures are from before the grip was changed, I will work on getting an updated picture up as soon as possible, but the only difference is the grip. Bipod, monopod, scope and scope mount are not included (Though the monopod is for sale separately).

I am willing to part this out if the complete upper goes first. Or, I would be happy to sell this as a "parts kit" with everything minus the lower receiver for the same price below, minus $200 for the lower itself. Everything else would be included, including a brand new LPK so that you would have all fresh pins and springs, etc.

Again, I will only sell the lower once the upper has been sold. I have a set of Redding Type S Match dies as well. They will be for sale after the rifle is sold, and I would be happy to include them for a reduced price to the buyer of the rifle/upper. Contact me if interested.

Complete rifle: $1775 $1700 $1650 Or make an offer
Complete rifle "Parts kit" (Minus the lower) $1450

This breaks down to the following:

Upper: $950 $900 $875

24" Satern cut rifled barrel (SS) with matched bolt. 1-8.75 twist 5R rifling
VLTOR MUR-1A billt upper (Forward assist)
Parallax Tactical 15" Gen 3 FFSSR rail with Mlok
Seekins low-pro gas block with rifle tube
WMD NiB Bolt Carrier
AXTS Raptor ambi charging handle

Lower: $825 $800 $775 Complete

Seekins SP223 Gen 2 billet with integral ambi bolt release
Geissele High Speed National Match DMR 2-stage trigger
Magpul PRS G2 with bag rider rail cover (slides off if you want to put a monopod on the rail) - This is a featureless stock!
MIAD grip with backfin
Battle Arms Development short throw ambi safety selector (Awesome for backfin setup!)
JP low mass competition rifle buffer
BCM A1 rifle buffer tube
Yankee Hill Machine enhanced/extended take down pins
Palmetto Sate Armory lower parts kit
1 C-Products 10 round magazine
1 ASC 10 round magazine

Meety Peety 11-11-2017 4:41 PM

Fixed pictures and bump

Meety Peety 11-15-2017 7:07 PM

Price dropped $75. Willing to take offers

Meety Peety 11-21-2017 7:17 PM

Price Drop

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Meety Peety 12-05-2017 7:52 PM

Bump. Trade offers welcome

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