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Ceeceerider71 11-07-2017 1:43 PM

AR-15 in 7.63x39 with Spikes “Jack” lower. Thordsen stock
Make: Spikes lower/ JSE upper

Model: I don’t know Franken AR-15 .

Caliber: 7.62x39mm

Location (city or county): Stockton and NOT willing to travel

Price: $850 OBO

Willing to split upper and lower
Complete lower as seen $450 FIRM
Complete upper and mags as seen $400 FIRM

Also have 1360 rounds of steel case ammo that I will only sell with the Rifle or upper for $200 extra. Spent about $340 on ammo
TulAmmo 154gr. SP 700 rds
Wolf Military Classic 124gr. HP 660 rds

Picture here:

Will ship (Y/N): NO

Other info: All parts were bought new last year. Has Thordsen stock, ambi safety, Anderson enhanced lower kit, enhanced bolt release, KNS Pins, extended engraved take down and pivot pins, flip up iron sights, 1-4 power Barska scope, and I do believe four 10/30 mags, 2 ten round mags, and one 5 round for hunting. Has exactly 20 rounds through it to sight in scope at 100 yards.

Reason for sale... I Built this to hunt with but the nonlead rounds for it are hard to find and when you can find them they are expensive. Just easier to hunt with my 308.

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