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ak_in_ca 10-01-2017 6:27 PM

WTS: Large list of Rifles
1) Winchester 1906 .22 l/lr/s - $600
2) Winchester 1906 .22 l/lr/s - $600
3) Winchester 1906 .22 WRM - $550
4) Remington 870 Mariner - $500SOLD
5) H&K Marked Benelli M1 Super 90 tactical - Ghost rings, extended tube, screw in chokes $1000
6) AR15 PSA Lower, PSA upper with KAC Rail M16 A4 clone - $700
7) AR15 PSA Lower, PSA upper basic M4 with detachable carry handle $600
8) AR15 Hogan Milled Lower, AIM Surplus upper 16" keymod upper with stainless barrel, magpul mbus sights, cerakoted bright white, magpul miad grip
9) AR15 PSA Lower, LMT 14.5" Upper, LMT backup sight, pinned/welded A2X $800.
10) AR15 Anderson Lower, PSA 10.5" premium upper, magpul MIAD, Cerakote BAE green, AIMPOINT PRO I believe, SIG brace and tube $1300. registered pistol lower
11) Mossberg 500 Persuader with side saddle, breaching brake $350 SOLD
12) Marlin model 1894 .44 magnum 20" $550SOLD
13) Marlin model 1894 .44 magnum 16" $550
14) IO AK47 unfired - $700
15) Romanian AK47 unfired - $800
16) PTR91 with picatinny rail, wide forearm and HK Wide forearm bipod $1300
17) Ruger 10/22T with scope blued, hogue overmold stock $450
18) Ruger 10/22 older model wood stock $275

Theres still quite a few things left in the safe so I will be updating this list as I can. they'll be cross posted and for sale other places I will try to keep up with people, just posting in here "Ill take it"does not guarantee you'll get it but I will try to update with whats available, until we have a firm agreement with time and place for agreed price, no deal is final. FTF in the inland empire preferred. I don't need any trades. Sorry, I was a bit out of it when I made the list last night, the lever guns are Marlin 1894's not Winchester 94's, post has been updated and corrected

dragonphi109 10-01-2017 6:33 PM

Wow wish you were in SF Bay area!!!

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ak_in_ca 10-05-2017 4:56 PM


Originally Posted by dragonphi109 (Post 20718612)
Wow wish you were in SF Bay area!!!

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Buy em all and ill drive up for the weekend

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