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Mystery_Milk 08-24-2017 7:56 PM

SOLD Selling Damaged Ruger 10/22, Oakland/Bay Area, No Shipping

Make: Sturm, Ruger & Co.

Model: 10/22

Caliber: 22LR

Location (city or county): Oakland

Price: $80 OBO

Will ship (Y/N): No shipping

I damaged my first Ruger 10/22 when I tried to remove the filler bolts after they got stripped. I tried to drill the bolt through with an aluminum drill bit, only to find out the receiver was also aluminum. So, now it's only good with irons or attaching a rail with just two screws. All parts are stock.

Buyer pays all associated transfer fees. I will include the magazine it came with.

If you're looking for a rifle for education purposes, like boy scouts or something, I'd be willing to donate the rifle (you'll still have to pay the transfer fee). I'll also need proof that the rifle will actually be used for educational purposes.

H8Mud 08-24-2017 9:27 PM

I'll take it pm sent

jingerale 08-24-2017 9:52 PM

second? pm sent. this would be perfect for a bullpup

Gabereal247 08-24-2017 9:54 PM

I would like to teach my daughter how to shoot with it..

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