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SloChicken 04-01-2017 12:45 AM

Sold- M1A Supermatch USGI/TRW/Kreiger FS/FT +/- cash

M1A Supermatch


Northwest San Diego County

Sold $3100 with Arms 18 mount $3k without mount.

Will trade for quality 1911s or Springfield USGI, LRB, Fulton arms M1A/M14 standards/+cash
Other interesting trades entertained. No plastic unless it says HK and it is a long gun.

Will ship (Y/N): Yes, once funds clear
Failed DROS by buyer without good reason (my discretion on what a good reason is) will result in 20% screw-around charge, plus any shipping or FFL charges if applicable.

M1A Supermatch
1999 manufacture
USGI/TRW parts throughout, Kreiger 1:10 Stainless Barrel
ARMS 18 mount (currently installed but buyer can choose to delete or exchange for a Sadlak aluminum mount).

Bainter1212 04-01-2017 7:13 AM

PM sent

capt14k 04-08-2017 1:58 PM

Is the Egyptian Matching and is the stock disc original?

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SVT-40 04-09-2017 9:55 AM

I happen to be the author of post # 7 on the referenced GunBoards link. The only addition which should be added to the OP's post is that the OP's rifle is as I posted in that link

"Original FN production Crown crest standard rifle rebuilt and / or refinished by Century arms"

It's not a "original production crown crest". It's a Century rebuild.

Since my information and post is being used as reference I believe it's proper for me to add this information to this thread.

As the OP indicated the prices indicated in my GB post are old and outdated.


Originally Posted by SloChicken (Post 19901436)
Below is a link that can explain lineage better than I (See post #7). This rifle matches up with rifle #4 in the list with the "original production crown crest" version.
Note, this article is from 2009 so values are not current.

SVT-40 04-09-2017 3:22 PM


Originally Posted by SloChicken (Post 19939870)
Thanks for the clarification,
However, according to your original post I linked, it says original "FN production" which is accurate to what I said by "manufactured",
I noted your link that explains it may have been rebuilt by Century, but it is not one of the spare parts rifles as listed at rifle #6 in your linked post.

Nonetheless, I appreciate the input.
Can you shed some light on the markings on the receiver and bolt?
Some match, but the other i can't tell. Not too good at arabic haha!

There is no question it was rebuilt by Century. No "may" have.

The type "6" parts rifles I referenced have a different crest on their receivers those have the "Eagle of Saladin" crest.

The markings are Belgian proof marks. The "star over E" found on the bolt and right side of the receiver are proof of firing as is the "perron" mark found under the "star over E" mark.

The "perron" is a famous Belgian proof, and is found on most all Belgian made rifles.

It looks like the SN on your gun is 11301. The bolt looks to be either 3205 or 3305. The photo is to dark to really tell. You can use the guide below to decipher the numbers. The last mark to the right of the SN on the bolt is a unk Egyptian proof. Not a part of the SN.

The SN should also be stamped on the left side of the action cover.

Looks like it will be a good shooter. Good luck with your sale.

SloChicken 04-13-2017 3:28 PM

throwback to the top thursday !!

SloChicken 04-17-2017 12:32 PM


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