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mievil 03-23-2017 7:56 PM

No longer available
No longer available

mievil 03-24-2017 9:27 PM


IronCalifornia 03-24-2017 10:54 PM


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mievil 03-25-2017 7:42 PM

Both rifles are in similar as new condition. Beautiful guns.

Please don't message me offering a "matching" rifle that is not numbers matching, or even complete. I've got a nice gun here looking for a trade of a nice gun, not a beater not matching Sinobanian without a bayo. Thanks. :)

bellts 03-28-2017 12:38 PM

I posted a few images of a nice matching Chinese SKS (circa 63) in your cross post (Collector's Exchange).

Let me know if you're interested...

SammieT 03-28-2017 10:29 PM

Any luck from our last convo?

mievil 03-29-2017 6:31 PM


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