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Bainter1212 01-01-2017 1:50 PM

WTS MAS 49/56 Sac/Stockton

I have a MAS 49/56 rifle I would like to sell.

Chambered in 7.5 French, NOT a crappy .308 conversion.
This rifle doesn't look like it has ever been refurbed. The bore is worn, the rifling is nearly gone at the muzzle (probably from overzealous cleaning in the field).

The only markings on it are a very faint import mark on the scope mount and what you see in the pics.

I have shot this rifle and it does shoot decently - easy to zero, I was getting around 3 MOA with the irons and PPU ammo. You could probably do a little better with a scope and mount.

This rifle did slamfire on me a few times with PPU factory ammo. You can get around this problem by flattening the tip of the firing pin and removing about 1mm of length, or use hard CCI milspec primers in your reloads. You can also get a titanium firing pin or get a spring-loaded pin from Murray's in Texas.
This is a well-documented issue that is easy to fix - it is not because it is dirty like the SKS. This issue is safer in these guns than others due to the simple and innovative design - the firing pin is held back by the carrier until the bolt is fully in battery.

Rifle will come with 1 magazine, the buttpad (which has a tear but is still functional), and the muzzle bits that are not currently on the rifle.

This is the French equivalent to the M1A, but easier to take apart and safer to shoot. Get one while you can.

I can meet in the greater Sacramento or Stockton areas and in between. Will sell to a C&R + COE holder. Will ship to the same, or your FFL.

Price: $450
Shipping: an additional $40

chowza 01-01-2017 2:01 PM

PM Sent

chowza 01-01-2017 2:08 PM

I"ll take it.

Bainter1212 01-01-2017 2:08 PM


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