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Jmac1 07-22-2016 11:22 AM

WTT/ Like New Sig 716 for Sig MPX in 9mm. Orange County. No Ship.
So some might call me crazy but I'm looking to trade my like new Sig716 chambered in the hard hitting .308 for a Sig Sauer MPX in 9mm. My Sig716 has approximate 160 flawless rounds through it. It's just an amazing rifle and I love it but after handling a Sig MPX, I'd like something a little different.

SIG716 will comes with 8 pmags (7 ten rounders and one 10/20) IF your MPX has at least 3 mags!! It's really all the rifle you'll ever need. As much as I love the .308, I already have a couple and I'm deciding to trade it. It is NOT for sale. I'm only interested in a straight across trade even though my Sig716 is costlier. This is a Gen2 Sig716 that has given me ZERO malfunctions or stoppages.

MPX must also be in like new condition and have at least 3 mags. If you just have the one mag, my Sig will be traded with only one mag.

We pay our own transfer fees at Turners or Fowlers in Orange.

SureFire light and tangodown grip are NOT included. It will also come with Black Magpul MBUS sights as I actually sold the irons it came with because I had a 3-9x scope on it.

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