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Kestryll 09-12-2008 11:15 AM

1. This forum is for our younger members, the sons and daughters of Calgunners, younger guests and their parents.

2. This forum is to be a place to teach young shooters, share the knowledge we have gained and to make our younger members responsible, well trained gun owners.

3. Additionally, it is to teach and instill in to our younger members the knowledge, ability and drive to continue our fight for Second Amendment rights.

4. As this forum is dedicated to our younger members, what is considered acceptable will be held to a higher standard than other areas of the forum. This is to be a safe area to let kids and young adults post, read, ask and share, keep that in mind when posting.

5. Posts made that are not child friendly will be deleted and the poster will lose access to this forum.

6. This forum has a very specified purpose, off topic and/or offensive behavior will not be tolerated and will be deleted. In addition, penalties will be harsher for rules violations in the Kid's forum.

7. This forum will have two unique Usergroups associated with it; 'Young Calgunner', which will have certain limitations on what forums they can access (such as blocking OT) and 'Mentors', parents and others who are willing to teach, help and share with the younger members.

8. Pictures of children are not to be posted without parental permission. This is to protect not only our younger members but the forum itself.

9. We ask that posts be made in clear and concise English and not the commonly used texting or chat shortcuts. This is about learning, teaching and sharing, these all happen better with clear communication.

10. In addition to these special rules, the standard rules still apply here as well.

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