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Bainter1212 01-31-2016 6:48 PM

WTT/WTS Sako M39 1942 Sac area

I am looking to trade or sell a Sako M39. I acquired this rifle last year and have never fired it.

Rifle is a 1942 Sako with SA stamp on barrel. Prominent Sako stamp on stock. Receiver and bolt match, mag floorplate not matching.
This rifle has very uniform bluing loss. I would estimate 20% overall bluing remaining which is consistent with well used, non-refurbed M39.

Bore has sharp, clean lands with frosty grooves. Probably the barrel that has been on it since the war due to frosty grooves and bluing loss matches the rest of the gun.

I have not fired this but the previous seller (an experienced collector) told me that it is a good shooter.

Headspace checks good, will not close on SAAMI no-go.

I am interested in a little more variety so looking for trades. Trades wishlist after pics:

Possible trades:

"Paratrooper" SKS
Swedish Mauser
Remington model 8
Yugo SKS
Any lever guns
Browning Sweet Sixteen
Browning Light Twelve
Marlin Camp 9
Colt 1908
Colt or S&W 1917 US Property
Spanish Destroyer Carbine
Winchester 1895

Would entertain ammo trades too. Sale price set at $400, will ship insured if buyer will pay shipping.

Partial trades welcome.....throw what you have at me. We can negotiate for anything including your kitchen sink.

Anything else collectible or useful I may find desirable.

Willing to throw a bit of cash on top for the right trade. Would really prefer FTF in Sacramento/Stockton areas.

Please PM me.

rengawsirhc 01-31-2016 10:22 PM

Are those electric shock wires on your fence in the background?

Bainter1212 01-31-2016 10:54 PM


Originally Posted by rengawsirhc (Post 17607936)
Are those electric shock wires on your fence in the background?

Yes. Keeps the kid from getting curious (I keed, I leed :D )

Bainter1212 02-02-2016 3:56 AM


mike415stone 02-02-2016 4:04 AM

Do you have any kind of sale price in mind.

Bainter1212 02-02-2016 4:53 AM


Originally Posted by mike415stone (Post 17614258)
Do you have any kind of sale price in mind.

I would value this thing in the $400 range based on what I have seen M39s go for lately. You are welcome to make a cash offer, but I would really like to trade so I may not sell for awhile, if at all.

Bainter1212 02-02-2016 10:45 AM

No longer looking for a Savage 99 at this time. Also now willing to sell......$400 FTF will sell to C&R/COE holder or through FFL.
Please feel free to make trade or partial trade offers. I will be at Just Guns around 10AM on saturday if you want me to bring it you can inspect it.

Bainter1212 02-03-2016 6:52 AM


Bainter1212 02-04-2016 6:39 AM


Bainter1212 02-05-2016 8:25 AM


Bainter1212 02-06-2016 8:39 AM


MadRiverArms 02-06-2016 2:50 PM

Per our PMs I'll take it in trade.

Bainter1212 02-06-2016 2:54 PM

SPF to Madriver

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