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CK_32 12-05-2015 3:03 AM

JD machine M110 MK11 clone 18" 7.62 LR308 rifle
Looking to sell my JD machine M110 MK11 clone "match" rifle.

Price: $3,550 firm

Location: OC CA (SoCal)

Rifle Specs:

JD Machine 7.62 Billet Matching Receiver Set
Mega Arms 1:10 SS 18" Match Grade Barrel
JP .750 30cal Muzzle Brake
Troy 13.8" Alpha Quad Rail
BCM 7.62 MOD 1 Charging Handle
CMMG 7.62 Stainless BCG
KAC Rail Covers
Knights Armorment Pistol Grip
RaddLock X BB System
CMMG Buffer Tube
DPMS .750 Low Pro Gas Block
DPMS H-Buffer Spring
CMMG 6-POS Stock
Derlin Assist Plug
DPMS High Profile Rail

Rifle was assembled and head spaced by my LGS Rifle Gear located in Fountain Valley CA.

This rifle was built with local matches in mind. My range log shows less than 50 rounds have been shot through this rifle. All ammo used was FGMM and Hondady Match ammo.

Rifle shoots sub MOA groupings. Average with match ammo is about .75" @ 100 yards. Best with this rifle was a .487" group at 100 yards. Mega garantees sub MOA groups with their barrels and match ammo. So far that claim holds true.

This rifle was build and based directly off of the 2012 US ARMY's Marksmentship units match M110 rifle built by the U.S. ARMY Knights Armament Marksmentship program. You won't get any closer to a M110 MK11 than this rifle unless you buy a actual Knights rifle which MSRP for $10k+.

**Note - Scope, Pmags, bipod and QD mounts are not included with rifle purchase.**

Price is pretty firm. Will ship at buyers expense.

CK_32 12-05-2015 3:04 AM

soqueljake 12-09-2015 12:13 AM

can i ask why so much? no offense but 3500 and it only has KAC covers, no scope, etc... thats a little steep. i think for 2700 you might get a lot of offers

CK_32 12-14-2015 12:09 PM

Because it cost me about $3200 + shipping, other fees and several months to have it built and sorted out. The rifle also has less than 50 rounds shot through it and has been out of the safe all of 3-4 times.

I spent a lot of time, money and effort into building this As close to the U.S. Army's match rifle as possible.

It's a great rifle. I think $3,500 is a fair price. Other rifles similar will range from $3,000 to $5,000. Before fees and other factors.

And no offense taken. Fair question.


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