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senorgrand 03-01-2015 4:54 PM

WTS/WTT: 7.62x39 Featureless AR will ship (SLO) Price Drop
Anderson Mfg
SLO County
Will ship: YES
TRADES:Looking for a Ruger Redhawk or a S&W 29. Also looking for a Handi Rifle in 44 magnum. Willing to bring cash to the table as needed.

Upper: Sota Arms 7.62x39 with UTG low profile handguard (13"). Has a 16" phosphate barrel with a weighted compensator that extends another inch. Cheapo folding sights included. I used a scope and there are a couple of marks left by the scope mounts. Shoots about 2" groups at 100 yards shooting Wolf steelcased ammo.

Comes with x5 ten-round mags and (if you live in a gun-friendly state) x2 thirty-round mags.

Lower: Anderson Manufacturing blemished lower (you can see scrape near the buffer tube), DPMS LPK, Magpul B.A.D. lever, ambi safety, Hammerhead grip and fixed carbine-length stock allowing you to shoot in CA without a bullet button. I have a bullet button installed with the "wrench" installed, which essentially makes it an extended mag release. You can go back to a standard mag release at anytime with no damage to the rifle. I'll throw-in a Magpul pistol grip for those who want it.

senorgrand 03-02-2015 7:33 AM


senorgrand 03-03-2015 7:30 AM

Bump- price drop.

MexicanAK47 03-03-2015 7:51 AM

pm sent

Marpat 03-03-2015 5:33 PM

AR 7.62x39
I'm interested....

I'll send a PM

senorgrand 03-04-2015 9:15 AM

Deal pending...

saigasaga 03-04-2015 9:43 AM

Nice deal..

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