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NorCalCCWinstructor 02-28-2011 7:41 PM

Calguns Discount - 16 & 8 Hour CCW, UT, FL, OR, AZ - weekdays/weekends
More classes are available now. Complete your 8 or 16 hour CCW Training courses (meets or exceeds training for the following Northern CA counties): Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Nevada County, Yuba, San Joaquin, Shasta, Sutter, Sierra, Yolo counties. $175 for the CA course/certification, plus $15 range fee (includes qualifying with up to 3 weapons). $25 discount to Calgunners for initial CCW training! At the same time, get your 36 state CCW certification with Best Handgun Training for an additional $75. This Utah permit now has reciprocity with Nevada.

To schedule, visit my website at and enter Calguns in the comments section of your appointment request.

Training classes are offered often. Find the right date(s) for you. Two Consecutive days, or split them up if needed, at a private range with the classroom just about 10 minutes away.

Sacramento County CCW is now virtually "shall issue" if you have no dis-qualifiers. I offer the 16 hour training (2 day course) often. For more information, visit
$175.00 for some of the best training around. $25 Discount to CalGunners for initial CCW training (up to 3 weapons to qualify with) with no additional charge for 1-3 weapons.

John Taylor
Best Handgun Training
(916) 295-8489

2070 Nicolaus Rd #109
Lincoln, CA 95648

winnre 02-28-2011 7:47 PM

Holy cow! I am surprised to see that county go first. How long until the rest fall!

NewbieSac 03-02-2011 7:18 PM

great class
ive been looking at calguns for a long time and see all the bad posts about some guys doing ccw classes. i went to john taylors class in lincoln and thats the best thing i could have done. i was very surprised of everything that i learned and his knowledge. although i will continue to shoot and train as john suggested, he prepared me in many ways to ccw. id refer him to anybody. and by the way, i finally got my permit last week! :)

wildhawker 03-02-2011 7:20 PM


Originally Posted by winnre (Post 5908829)
Holy cow! I am surprised to see that county go first. How long until the rest fall!

See, Richards v. Prieto (formerly Sykes vs. McGinness).

NewbieSac 03-02-2011 7:46 PM

some counties have
my instructor john said he teaches in 6 counties and they are all easy to get a permit in. but now we need to have all counties in cali go to shall issue. i also got the 32 state permit from john. that came long before my sacramento was issued. :)

akoba 03-12-2011 2:38 AM


Originally Posted by NorCalCCWinstructor (Post 5908784)
Sacramento County CCW is now shall issue. I offer the 16 hour training (2 day course) every day of the week. for more information, visit
$175.00 for some of the best training around. Discount to CalGunners.

John Taylor
Best Handgun Training
(916) 295-8489

605 G Street #120
Lincoln, CA 95648

Where will be the class and range time (for my wfe and she's only available on weekday)? And how much is for the 4 hrs class (for me, lol)?

NorCalCCWinstructor 03-12-2011 1:44 PM

Akoba - Class & range time
I do have openings alomst every day of the week for CCW. The weekdays are best, as I have less students, and may be able to do a one-on-one, depending upon when your wife would like to attend. Email or call me for the available dates. The cost for initial CCW training (16 hours) is $175.00, and renewals are $75.00 (4 hours). The range is one mile from the classroom (In Lincoln, at the outdoor range).

longhorn 03-26-2011 9:50 AM

I want to get my ccw. Will I learn everything I need to know about acquiring in you class? How often do you have to renew?

NorCalCCWinstructor 03-26-2011 7:03 PM

Yes, you will learn everything that you need to know. You will be well prepared and qualified to CCW, after my class.

packing in sac 03-27-2011 8:56 PM

I just went through Johnís class this weekend. If you need to know it he's teaches it. If you ask he answers it. He's very good at making sure you understand everything. He's NOT a chest pumping "I've seen it, done it bad ***" egotistical teacher. He's a regular guy. Thank you John, I learned a lot.

NorCalCCWinstructor 04-01-2011 8:42 PM

Thanks, Packing_in_sac

I'm glad you learned alot, and enjoyed the class.

NorCalCCWinstructor 04-21-2011 5:49 PM


akoba 04-22-2011 4:26 PM

Thank you John for accomodating my wife last wed and yesterday. I think she have now the idea of gun safety and reason why i want her to get a ccw. She keep telling me and her (trusted) friends what she learn on your class. And she said that her friends are now planning to start the process (application). I told her that they can start the class while waiting for the appointment. Although its a waste of money if they get denied. But i never heard any new ccw applicants denied here in sacramento.
And for me cancel my schedule for tommorow (4 hrs. class). I will give you a call within 2 weeks after i got my new LC9.

NorCalCCWinstructor 04-22-2011 8:34 PM

Sure, it was great having her in the class. She's a great learner. I know she was pretty tired on day 1, after working all night. Give me a call or email when you wish to reschedule your renewal.

NorCalCCWinstructor 05-12-2011 3:52 PM


cactus 07-21-2011 8:44 AM

I went to one of Johns CCW classes this last week. The class was well laid out with plenty of pertinate information as well as live fire exercises. John was absolutely profesional and I would highly recommend his class room if your in need of any firearms training.

NotEnufGarage 08-26-2011 10:43 PM

I took the class from John last weekend and not only was it informative, it was also a lot of fun. John is a very knowledgable instructor and makes things fun and easy to understand. The qualifying part was literally a blast, but my fingers are still sore from reloading magazines so often.

Also, I think John's pricing is the best around for CalGunners for what you get. No extra fees for extra guns, like a lot of the instructors do. Also, I'd much rather drive up to Lincoln than all the way out to Sac Valley. Heck, there's even a nice little bar next door with a cute bartender that serves a great burger.

Thanks John! My permit arrived today!

jameswest992000 08-26-2011 10:53 PM

Does the shall issue go for the people inside the city or just the rural folks?

freonr22 08-26-2011 11:00 PM

will you replace the "ccw" in your handle to "ltc" ?

NorCalCCWinstructor 08-30-2011 10:44 PM

No. Nice thought though. Just not too catchy for my screen name. :cool:

NorCalCCWinstructor 08-30-2011 10:47 PM

The "shall issue" is for any resident of Sacramento County. City residents also. But you must apply at the S.O. Of course, issuance is still "discretional". You must be free of certain dis-qualifiers. In the absence of dis-qualifiers, personal protection or self defense shall constitute good cause. This was the big hurdle, until last November.

Jasonaspears 08-31-2011 10:39 PM

I'm interested in your course but didn't see any dates consecutive to each that on purpose?

NorCalCCWinstructor 09-01-2011 9:26 AM


Day 1 is all classroom and weapon inspections/takedowns. Day 2 is the very next day, all at the range. However, if you need to split up the 2 days, that is acceptable.


applevalleyjoe 09-07-2011 10:12 AM

What are the SPECIFIC California CCW range requirements?

jb7706 09-09-2011 9:54 AM


Originally Posted by applevalleyjoe (Post 7107960)
What are the SPECIFIC California CCW range requirements?

The short answer is: There are none. Range requirements are set by local LEA and/or instructor.


(E)(i)For new license applicants, the course of training may be any course acceptable to the licensing authority, shall not exceed 16 hours, and shall include instruction on at least firearm safety and the law regarding the permissible use of a firearm. Notwithstanding this clause, the licensing authority may require a community college course certified by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, up to a maximum of 24 hours, but only if required uniformly of all license applicants without exception.

Jasonaspears 10-16-2011 11:19 PM

John, thanks again for the great training class! I enjoyed the experience and appreciate all you did for me! I'll be letting everyone that I can think of that is needing training that you are the guy to go to! Thanks!

n2stackin 10-25-2011 11:06 AM

Thanks again, John. GREAT class, I learned a lot and I had fun too. My girl is next in line to take the class. :) Highly recommend to anyone seeking CCW/LTC training.

Deadon 01-10-2012 9:01 AM

Hey John I just set a appointment for August. Is it too soon to take the training? When is the best time to take it?

NorCalCCWinstructor 01-13-2012 11:20 AM

It's not too soon to schedule for Sacramento

Originally Posted by Deadon (Post 7816792)
Hey John I just set a appointment for August. Is it too soon to take the training? When is the best time to take it?

No, it's not too soon at all. If you have no background questions, I would take it now, and keep checking the SCSO website, in case there are cancellations. If you do happen to find a cancellation, do not take one, unless it is more than 2 weeks away, so that they have time to begin your background investigation. Otherwise, they may call you and inform you that you have to reschedule. I've had some students with appointments a year out, and they were in for their interview 2 weeks later, as they checked (often) for cancellations. I have some openings for this weekend (Sat/Sun), and also for next Tues/Wed, and the following Fri/Sat.

You can book an appointment with me via my website at

The "best times" are during the weekday, with less students.

If you have any questions, you can email me directly at

You could also try calling me at (916) 295-8489, but I am always instructing some kind of gun training, and am harder to reach on the phone.


NorCalCCWinstructor 01-13-2012 11:23 AM

Thanks for the compliments!

Originally Posted by n2stackin (Post 7383824)
Thanks again, John. GREAT class, I learned a lot and I had fun too. My girl is next in line to take the class. :) Highly recommend to anyone seeking CCW/LTC training.

Thanks for the kudos! Your girl did great. She learned alot that day, and it was fun having her in the class.

NorCalCCWinstructor 01-20-2012 8:26 AM

There is still a couple of slots left, for this week, if you are interested.

giantsfan 04-02-2012 4:21 PM

Special for Calgunners
Is this a running special? $25 off of $175 for ccw training in Lincoln?

NorCalCCWinstructor 04-04-2012 10:05 AM

Yes, ongoing discount

Yes, this is a running $25 discount, for CCW training in Lincoln. Feel free to visit my website at: to register for a course, or to send me a direct email.


cmartin72 06-29-2012 7:06 PM

Attended John's Class last weekend and I can't say enough great things about him! Very informative, very thorough, great price and did I say tons of relevant information? Thanks John!, I will definitely pass your name around! :thumbsup:

tisguy409 08-21-2012 11:06 AM

Great class with John this weekend. Only qual'd with one handgun, but as soon as I add more I'll be adding with John again.

Great class, great instructor!

jackal20 10-11-2012 1:58 PM

Hi John,
i'm looking forward to the class this weekend .are you still offering $25 off for members
thanks mike

NorCalCCWinstructor 10-12-2012 7:41 PM

Calguns discount
Yes, this is an ongoing discount for Calguns members. I look forward to meeting you this weekend. I opened this weekend's class up by request, and at the last moment. So, there are plenty of openings available if anybody wishes to show up at 0730.

6doubleR 01-11-2013 1:30 PM

Just finished taking my CCW instruction with John. Both John and Mike are A+ instructors. It was informative and engaging. If you have the chance, you should take their class. You won't regret it.

Mrdroidian 01-17-2013 7:52 PM

Hey John, my wife and I are interested in both Sacramento ccw course and the 34 state ccw course, but we aren't sure where to turn. I have seen nothing but positive remarks from your course and would like more info? I'm Lawrence thanks!

knerona 01-17-2013 8:10 PM

John is a great instructor!! His style is safety oriented, fluid, clear, precise, and focused. Take advantage of this deal. Nuff said.

Already pointed 1 friend his way, a coworker and her husband and 2 of my relatives are getting ready to enroll. You CAN'T ask for a better instructor and class. I will be going back for addition/changes in the future as well.

Got any referral deals John? =P I kid I kid.

Get the street tacos next door for lunch as well, simply amazing and priced well.

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