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Heatseeker 04-20-2017 5:32 AM

We both got approval calls yesterday. That was fast! It's almost like living in free America...

Flyin Brian 09-05-2017 6:02 PM

Calaveras CCW
My wife and I applied for our CCW with CCSO in July and it was very easy.

Their instructions say to apply and get the initial approval and then go for the training, but we had already done the training with WTS in Jamestown and had our 3 reference letters with us for the very first appointment.

Total time from initial contact with SO to picking up permit was approximately 6 weeks.

When we went in to pick up the permits, Sheriff DeBasilio sat down and gave some details on how they treat CCW holders during traffic stops, etc. He did mention that he is trying to get it approved for us to have 5 handguns on our permit!! That was something I had hoped would happen but he gave no indication of how long that would take.

I spoke to Karen today about changing one of the guns on my permit and she said it is pretty easy, just make an appointment, bring it in for her to check the serial and then within a week or ten days she will have it typed up and have the Sheriff sign it and I can stop in and surrender the old one and take the new one.

jimsu 09-05-2017 6:50 PM

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T Mac 09-06-2017 6:48 PM

Going through the process now. Good folks, well organized and efficient. Process is 1-2 months, versus San Joaquin 1 year plus... Karen is a very nice lady.

JRW209 05-24-2018 8:04 PM

Went in today to turn in my renewal paperwork and I was told that not only does my ccw permit not “allow” me to, it expressly forbids me from carrying at work. Unless I’m am the owner of the business.

Not only did I not know this I have used work related reasons in both my initial application and my last permit renewal and this is the first I have heard of this.
I carry all day everyday and have for years.

Can anyone shed any light on this?


darkwater 05-25-2018 8:37 AM

Huh...well, I'm renewing mine in the next week or two, so I'll see if I get the same information. Here's the blurb from their application procedures that you can get online: "8. A CCW will not be issued for any employment related purposes. Your employer must meet certain criteria with the State if requiring employees to carry a firearm." To me, that means the CCW can't be part of your job description or duties, but it seems you should still be able to carry to protect yourself as an individual while at work, if there are no restrictions placed by your employer regarding what you bring to the job site. Maybe I'll pose that question to Karen when I pop in to see if we can get some clarification.

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