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CombatM3D 02-28-2014 6:00 PM

New FNX-40
I just picked up my new FNX-40 from it's long 10 day impound lol

I shot one that belonged to a friend about 6 months ago and I fell in love with it from the first shot. So after tax season provided me a little disposable income, I could only think of one thing to buy.

I haven't got to shoot her yet, but I can't wait to put some rounds downrange.

CombatM3D 03-08-2014 11:00 PM

Couldn't sleep tonight, so I figured coloring in the engravings would be a cool idea lol

CombatM3D 03-08-2014 11:01 PM

Not a perfect job, but it's wax crayon.
Pretty easy to change the color too.
Just heat and wipe away lol

MrExel17 03-08-2014 11:17 PM

Looks good!

CombatM3D 03-08-2014 11:27 PM


Originally Posted by MrExel17 (Post 13613897)
Looks good!

Appreciate it

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