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Pthfndr 08-28-2006 6:39 PM

PLINK update Eldorado National Forest
Thanks to any of you who might have gone. Unfortunately I had a prior commitment.

From the El Dorado Rod & Gun Club newsletter.


Gary Stone brought his generator with USDA approved spark arrestor, and two demolition saws. Phil Weidman, Ed Dunn, Gregg Plourde, Donn Nibblett, Ray Engler, and Larry Adloff, packed Doug Beckers truck solid to above the side rails with the now demolished paint ball village.

Meanwhile back at another filthy place John Rapp got a big load and towed the burned car to make it easier for the Sheriff to have towed.

Si Russell, Gary Heitmeyer, David Hawkins, Craig Whitten, Greg Carlson, Randy, Carol, & Dane Kolbo packed Teresa Riesenhuberís U.S Forest Service stakeside dump truck so solid that Rapp, and I had to beat the rear stakes off at the dump. William Wilber, and son brought our lunches. Doug Becker was already at the dump after going home to get wife Gracie. Having seen this before we are wondering where else they go on dates? Teresaís mother Bonnie brought her infant daughter Sarah out to this dust bowl for feeding. This was a definite PLINK first. She did not even cry when I smiled (neither did Grandma). Lonnie Moore, and Ramona Traub came all the way from Stockton. Two trucks hauling ATVís into Cable Road pulled over for us on the narrow road as we came out.

When they realized what we were doing they applauded. We had to leave a pile of wood pallets in a big clearing. Hopefully when the party punks torch them they will get caught now that campfires are restricted to real Campgrounds, and then later get flat tires from driving over the nails (Teresa had a USFS fire engine crew remove the pallets the next day). We will be back with Dougís chop saw to get a trailer frame, and a freezer. It would sure be nice if the locals would call the Sheriff when they see truck loads of garbage being hauled into our National Forest.

To find out about our next Please Leave It NRA Klean adventure, SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 17 IN POLLOCK PINES email NRAPLINK@COMCAST.NET or phone me at (530) 620-3946

Steve Morgan

anotherone 08-28-2006 9:50 PM

Just wanted to give you guys in PLINK a huge thank you! The El Dorodo National Forest has never been so clean and I even removed some blue gas cannisters to make sure it stayed that way. I was shocked when I saw the burned out car gone... WOW! Keep up the great work guys :)!

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