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iareConfusE 02-25-2011 8:41 PM

New Check-In Procedure...
So... Went to the range today, and apparently, because of some moron that accused the range of making him deaf (when he was already completely deaf), we have a new check-in procedure that was brought forth by the insurance company I'm guessing...

Initial, sign, date, and THUMBPRINT?! I get why you might need the waiver. Sign and date, I'm fine with that, but is the right thumbprint completely necessary?... Seems a bit invasive, and I'm pretty sure a lot of Calgunners, and a lot of pro 2A people are going to be really unhappy with that...

Comments from On-Target? I'd like to hear the whole story as to how this came about..

engi 02-27-2011 7:11 PM

ditto. Just got back from there and had to do the whole form and thumbprint thing. Its really off putting to have to do that every time. What prompted this?

iareConfusE 02-27-2011 7:16 PM


Originally Posted by engi (Post 5902128)
ditto. Just got back from there and had to do the whole form and thumbprint thing. Its really off putting to have to do that every time. What prompted this?

Read the first part of my post. I think it was the insurance company that made them implement this ridiculousness. The insurance company is probably also the same reason they have to have a rifle class and a permit to allow people to shoot rifles there.

I don't particularly mind initialing and signing a waiver, but it's the fingerprinting that irks me.

Any response from On-Target?

ontargetrange 02-28-2011 11:49 AM


I wondered just how quick someone would post here their positive or negative concerns/remarks/complaints, etc….

The reason we have done this very simple, and we are NOT the only range using this type of form, as part of our ongoing effort to stay in business, remain a facility that can safely allow all shooters to fire their firearms and take training classes, we have upgraded our liability release forms. We do a yearly “legal Review” here, where we pay to have our Attorneys review the processes, forms and signage. Based on their recommendations we make changes.

With the constant changes in our California laws and the litigious society we are forced to live in, you should expect this additional paperwork from any business dealing with public access and safety. This change was planned some time ago, but there is some technology requirements that were not yet in place. They still are not, but we needed to step up and incorporate this form into our business.

The use of this form is VERY expensive to me. The extra people I have to hire to help manage the filling out process and tracking of this data is not a profit maker in any way. But, there is hope, I think.

I have ordered some ID cards that will be available to our repeat customers for $3 that will show that they have signed their life away and they will not have to fill out the form each time. We hope to have that in place by the end of the week. Even this solution is NOT really acceptable to me, but it does help the overall bottleneck at the counter.

I am sorry to force change on my customers, but until we once again have people around us take ownership and responsibility for their actions, instead of trying to always make it someone else’s problem, we will have Lawyers and forms.

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