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KAIFS 10-10-2016 2:56 PM

FS: 6.5x55 Sporter (Scoped and ready for hunting) - will SHIP, PP fiends/gift OK
carbine =SOLD
sporter available below

KAIFS 10-10-2016 5:48 PM

FS: 6.5x55 Sporter (Scoped and ready for hunting) - will SHIP, PP fiends/gift OK
Make: Swedish Carl Gustafs

Model: m/94 sporter

Caliber: 6.5x55

Location (city or county): Wisconsin (zip: 54956)

Price: $650

Will ship (Y/N): Yes (buyer pays $35 shipping within ConUS)

Other info:
facilitating sale for someone. seller contact: (65x55llc ат gmаil /subject line: Swedish carbine sporter for sale). Can also be viewed

Swedish Mauser Carbine Sporter. caliber: 65x55
This is a Carl Gustaf 1907 M94 that was sporterized.
Intention was to replace the stock with a small ring Mauser Boyd or Fajen stock, however, with deer season right around the corner seller decided to use 30-30 for a brush rifle. The sporterized stock is original (obviously chopped) so it is serialized to the receiver. Bolt body is also original to the receiver, however everything else on the bolt is new old stock (NOS). The bolt was fitted by a very experienced and well-known gunsmith who specializes in Mauser fittings, so it literally functions better than new. The bolt handle was bent to clear the scope (swept back). The same gunsmith that fitted the bolt skillfully shortened the barrel as well as recrowning it. Barrel measures 16.25 in length. The 11-degree target crown is recessed so the crown is protected. Rifling is strong. Everything is professionally blued or re-blued. Headspace is checked and is good to go (you will have no issues with either surplus M/41 or PPU ammo. Naturally this is a small ring Mauser design, you will NOT want to do anything too fast burning out of it - both safety and accuracy reasons). 3 followers are included. All NOS. Of the two that I blued -one I profiled to close on empty, the other is original shape (blued). The third is not blued- original in the white and brand new. There are no front or rear open sights. The scope is a Redfield 4x with 4-plex reticle. The glass is clear with no scratches. Adjustment has both serrated and slot so you can use either a coin or your fingers to turn.
Weak point of this rifle - is the stock and sling. You will most likely want to replace both as seller had intended. Although, if your looking for a lighter rifle for a smaller person (kid) or female this would be perfect as it is very light. Total weight is just under 7 lbs.
For those unfamiliar with 6.5x55 - as flat as .270win, with half of the recoil of .270. Cheap 139gr PPU SP ammo would do just fine for plinking and hunting out of this. If you reload, these really like 129gr SST pills via RL-22 or Norma MRP.
Seller DID NOT shoot this rifle after it was redone, so it will have to be sighted in.

$650+ $35 shipping (if needs to be shipped).
USPS Money Order or PP friends/gift.
Naturally copy of FFL will have to be furnished before hand. (altered/modified, thus NOT C&R eligible)
NOT looking for any trades.

again, seller contact: (65x55llc ат gmаil /subject line: Swedish carbine sporter for sale).

additional images of the rifle can be viewed here:

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Carbine is sold.
Sporter is reduced to $575.00 + $35 shipping.

KAIFS 03-05-2018 5:42 PM

up for sporter

KAIFS 04-08-2018 4:45 PM


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