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elnielsen 05-10-2011 2:55 PM

1000 rounds .45 Long Colt!
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Woohoo, I just received these. They came from Tennessee Cartridge Company ( Binney told me they don't ship to CA because the feds yell at him when they do, but he looked up my area, which is a "free county" (lol santa cruz if u can believe it), and shipped em out. $420 for 1000 rounds, and $25 shipping. Not bad, not bad at all. So if you are someone looking for brass to reload, and would rather SHOOT IT the first time before reloading it, you should give Binney a call and order some. I scoured the internet, best deal I could find.

And now I finally have enough rounds to give some much needed love to my poor old Ruger Vaquero, and 1894 Cowboy lever action. Oh happy day for them, BOOYA INDEED.

Whiterabbit 05-10-2011 6:16 PM

thanks for the heads up.

Southpaw45 05-10-2011 7:57 PM

The brass alone is worth 166 bucks new. Is it all Starline brass? Are you planning on reloading the brass? If not, I will take it off your hands...:D

Cowboy T 05-10-2011 9:41 PM

That is a smokin' deal for .45 Long Colt. Good score! For a while, that's how I was buying it, too. There's an outfit that was making it with a very similar cast bullet. That brass now gets reloaded on a very regular basis.

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