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dfiresprinklers 03-03-2013 4:44 AM

who built ak74s clovis ca WTP
I wanted to see if anyone can get me in touch with an ak74 i purchased from we the people clovis ca. I want to show this gun to his builder to see what is said. From day one jam jam jam i take it back its there for five weeks to get the bolt grinded down. Yes the bolt. This is to say the least. Im very sure if i show him how this gun is with his name on it he will make it right. Ive had three shops tell me to throw it away. The problem is with the ar stick, quaudrail, and 74 convo im in this thing $1200. Most shops tell me if i can find the builder and show the problemS they would fix it some how. Not to mention the plethora of ammo i got for it when it was 140 for 1k of rounds.

Please help

dfiresprinklers 03-03-2013 4:46 AM

Get me in touch with whom ever built aks for we the people in the last 12 months they were open* sorry bout that

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