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Droppin Deuces 03-27-2013 9:38 PM

San Diego/Imperial BLM cleanup?
Anyone interested in doing a cleanup in the desert outside of Anza Borrego?

The last few times I've been out there it seems to be getting worse and worse. It's only a matter of time before it gets shut down. I think if we could get a group of us out there a couple times a year we could help keep it from looking like such a dump.

ExtremeX 03-28-2013 8:22 AM

PM Sent

Droppin Deuces 03-28-2013 2:40 PM

^^^ Thanks, man. Anyone else interested? Just PM me if you're concerned about keeping the spot somewhat private. I understand.

Michael_Js 03-28-2013 4:06 PM

Well, never been to any areas, but since I'm interested, what better way to find out where they are if I help clean them up! :)

Info appreciated...where, when, etc...

The sarge 03-28-2013 9:34 PM

I'm on Pendleton and would be interested if its a reasonable drive.

sdfire 03-28-2013 10:47 PM

I would be interested . When do you plan on going!

sjg1966 03-29-2013 12:19 AM

I'm interested too...when is this going to happen?

Jay D 03-29-2013 7:15 AM

Interested as well. I've cleaned some BLM land in San Diego, but not out in the desert. I have a small SUV and some shovels & rakes. Let me know when you guys plan on going out. Thanks!

Skiddz 03-29-2013 8:34 AM

PM Sent

The sarge 03-30-2013 7:47 AM

Any further info? My shooting spot was closed by the pala nation thanks to people not cleaning so I'm all about this.

Droppin Deuces 03-30-2013 3:42 PM

Hey guys, sorry I haven't responded. I've gotten your PM's and am keeping an eye on the thread. I'm still trying to figure out what weekend works best for me. Pretty much booked the next few weeks, but any suggestions for a date would be greatly appreciated. I was out there Wednesday and stopped to play for a bit yesterday while out offroading. Managed to pack a little more out in a trash bag. I keep seeing a propane grill out in the distance through my scope and would like to eventually get that out of there.

It was 90 degrees there yesterday with a nice breeze, but it will be getting really hot soon.

The sarge 03-30-2013 10:14 PM

I coach kids soccer so a Sunday would be great for me. Anyone is fine.

LynneB 04-03-2013 8:15 AM

I would be willing to help out if the date works with my schedule... Keep me posted. Thanks!

Droppin Deuces 04-03-2013 4:25 PM

How about the weekend of 27-28? It will most likely be super hot out there by then, but that's the earliest I can go on a weekend.

Alpha Male 04-03-2013 5:14 PM

I am willing to come out and help. It is dependent on a health fair that I may possibly be doing (don't recall the date at the moment). Volunteer work essentially for the entire San Diego county offering some basic health screenings. I have a rake and a truck to pack some of the trash in- no 4x4 though. I will most likely have a party of 2-3 total since we normally clean up BLM land before and after we shoot on our own time by south bay rod and gun Anyway, you can pm a semi-geographic area to see if it is within driving reason as Sunday is usually family night and I can't miss that

Just found it, it is a good ways out from where I am. Wish I was closer. Sorry, I won't be able to make this one.

Skiddz 04-28-2013 10:53 PM

Never heard back from my PM and no activity in this thread for a few weeks... It's getting hot out in Imperial. Is this going to happen? I've got a full-sized (and then some) 4WD truck, rakes, shovels, garbage bags etc....

Gutz 04-28-2013 10:55 PM

I am interested to go clean and shoot. Any takers?

Droppin Deuces 05-07-2013 4:45 PM

Dangit. I'm sorry, guys. I had some things going on and totally spaced this. Sorry, I blew it.

I was out there last week and it was over 100 already. Maybe we can push this back to the Fall? I really want to get it done.

I apologize if I didn't respond to some PM's as well. I just haven't been on that much lately.

Michael_Js 05-08-2013 7:52 AM

No issues. If you have the time, can you please PM me the location?

Thanks! :)
Michael J.

Bittercrow 06-07-2013 2:27 AM

Np DD, prolly better to wait anyhow. But still worth it to spread the word and try and get more people for when we actually do go.

Germz 06-10-2013 1:18 AM

are there any land management personnel that come out to sign off on community service? I'd do it any but figured might as well get both knocked out.

Cactus_Tim 06-10-2013 9:12 AM

I suggest a late October/early November campout/cleanup/shoot & potluck/barbeque. Cleanup & shoot for anyone not interested in camping.

I'll talk to BLM and get their take on how to handle the volume of trash.

Cactus_Tim 06-11-2013 8:58 AM

BLM is forwarding my info to their event planner.
Seems like they may be willing to help out.
I'll post what I find out once I speak with them.

Volksgrenadier 06-11-2013 10:38 AM

Concur. Party Wash just out by Ocotillo Wells is in desperate need of a cleanup. The closest dump/transit station is in Borrego Springs, maybe 20 minute drive away.

However, the enormity of the garbage there is going to be a considerable task. Appliances, BBQ's, propane tanks, lumber, furniture, etc. is scattered about the place, often rusted/jagged/nails.

I am down to help, and can bring at least three with me.

Cactus_Tim 06-17-2013 9:41 AM

Their planner is supposed to be back after the 24th.
I'll have a serious discussion about where, when, and what we can do to get that mess cleaned up.
Hopefully, this will come together and be a great event.
Trash hauling is my biggest concern, if we can't get any dumpsters out there, we'll need a trailer or two.

sdfire 08-07-2013 6:18 AM

I would be interested in helping with this. Our cleanups have been pretty successful here in SD county. But we need to wait until October or November to do this. It is way too hot out there for a large group until fall. I know around 40 members that have said they are interested in clean ups. We also have been in contact with the local BLM ranger and office about our efforts, so we could coordinate this kind of thing.

Jcastaneda1105 08-16-2013 10:34 AM

I would be interested too.

pterrell 08-26-2013 9:31 AM

I'd be interested in helping any SD range cleanups. I don't know of any of the ranges out here other than Pala and Ironsights so I'd really like to get some exposure elsewhere.

MG34 08-27-2013 6:10 AM

I'm in for a desert cleanup.

3.1Kfps 09-26-2013 10:12 AM

It's just starting to cool down now, any new clean ups planned soon?

sdfire 10-01-2013 5:29 PM

Hopefully we can plan a desert clean and shoot soon. With the weather cooling down in to the 70s-80s out there, it would be nice to take a bigger group out to clean up some of the busted clays and shells out there.

scoutsniper687 10-27-2013 2:34 PM

Interested, if still happening.

ITZOFFICIAL 10-28-2013 9:58 PM

I'm in for the next trip. Sundays and Mondays work.

jhj32883 10-31-2013 11:18 PM

I'm definitely interested as well

bd2575 11-05-2013 8:58 AM

Interested, if this is still on.

Ronbo 12-18-2013 8:36 PM

Almost the end of December....whats up?

Droppin Deuces 01-07-2014 5:00 PM

Hey guys. Sorry I haven't posted anything here lately. I just haven't had time to head out that way to shoot since October. Was out there this past Saturday racing around in the dirt, but didn't do any shooting. Saw plenty of trash, though.

How about we try to get something going after Superbowl weekend? Maybe even a camp and shoot in the spirit of the annual Zombie event.

Droppin Deuces 01-07-2014 5:03 PM


Originally Posted by sdfire (Post 12008622)
I would be interested in helping with this. Our cleanups have been pretty successful here in SD county. But we need to wait until October or November to do this. It is way too hot out there for a large group until fall. I know around 40 members that have said they are interested in clean ups. We also have been in contact with the local BLM ranger and office about our efforts, so we could coordinate this kind of thing.

Awesome. It would be great if we could find out where we can dump all of the trash around there, too.

GMG 01-07-2014 6:28 PM

In my desert days, we burned the trash, and hauled out the glass, plastic and metal.

Alpha Male 01-07-2014 8:10 PM

i am down maybe towards end of the month depending on doctors discretion. i usually shoot clay and bring rakes to clean my mess with friends. I also bring out ar500 steel targets along with the occasional fruit.

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