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JoseG 10-10-2012 2:44 PM

Prospective Calgunner
Hey Everyone.

First post here, so i am sorry in advance if i am posting in the wrong section.

Well here i go, I am 23, male, who lives in the bay area. I have always liked guns but didn't really get to shoot one until a few months ago when my girlfriend took me to a shooting range, there i got to shoot a .22 a .45 and a 12 gauge shotgun. While i liked the .22 i think think the shotgun was the most fun to shoot. (The .45 kinda scared me).

The only problem i had was the cost, to shoot all 3 guns with amuniton for both of us was about $190!! Even though i really liked it that isn't something i can't come up with often. (i am a struggling college student).

Anyways after having such a great experience i decided that i should probably own my own gun. I am looking at getting something easy to maintain, fun to shoot and of course also something cheap. So far i been eyeing the Stevensons "320" 12-gauge pistol grip pump shotgun, Big 5 sells it for about $199 which is exactly my price range.

So here are my troubles.

1) I am not a U.S citizen (yet) i have to wait another year before i become a citizen. I asked the guy at Big 5 what would i have to do to get the gun he seemed very annoyed and didn't give me much info. the online info is kinda confusing.
Which brings me to my question, what do i have to do to get this gun?

2)And secondly Is there anything similiar better to that shotgun? or what are your recommendations?

Sorry about the long post, and thank you in advance

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