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RevolverFan 06-03-2017 12:12 AM

Clean up forest on Iron Mountain Road
I would like to form a group to clean up the forest behind Sly Park/Jenkinsons Lake. I cannot believe that people destroy the area with trash and expect it will stay open. The anti gunners just need to post a video or get a local news station to do a story. I have taken so many truckloads of garbage to the dump and it continues to get worse. My son and I just went last week and it is like a dump. I spend a couple hours shooting and 5 or 6 trying to rake up the trash and fill my truck. I'm disabled or I could fill my truck faster.

We need to get dead serious about major restoration of this area. It's the first road/trail after the Huge forestry sign of the area. It breaks my heart. It looks worse than combat zones I have been in. I am a Veteran. It is despicable that people think this is ok.

I have already witnessed the closure of some of the best riding trails from Sly Park area. People trashed it and my older two sons and I used to ride our dirt bikes there all the time. It was not as bad as the area I'm talking about cleaning up on either. The tree hugger crowd pressured the local authorities. There were hearings but I was the only dirt biker/Shooter to show up. After I spoke, I got my butt handed to me several times. These people have driven around videoing the trash, all the brass and steel casings everywhere, the glass from people using glass bottles for targets, ammo boxes, etc, etc.

They also had pictures and video off all the trees dying that had targets hanging on them. I cannot believe that people think that this is all ok and leave their messes for others to clean up or to kill trees for targets. You can build a nice target stand for less than $7.00. Google it and the guy doing the you tube video shows you step by step and provides a list of items needed. It takes less than 20 minutes for a guy that can barely move to make. Stop shooting live trees!

I don't know why more riders/Shooters didn't show for the public comments but the bottom line is we lost the ability to ride/Shoot there any more. They used our Green Sticker fund to clean the area up. They paved a huge parking lot as it is only usable now by horses, hikers and bicyclists. Everyone of them used the area before but the mess was blamed on shooters and dirt bikers. They threw us out of some of the best trails in El Dorado County and used our money to build a pristine area now we can't use. I have ridden these trails all over El Dorado National Forest including the Rubicon Trail for 30 years before being rear ended by a guy texting and driving at 50 mph who never looked up to see the light had turned red. Dirt biking was one of my greatest pleasures and I can no longer ride. I called it throttle therapy because that's what it was for me. My point is that in the last 10 years or so, people throw their crap everywhere and the casings are left wherever they landed. Their are spots closer to the highway entrance that you can't walk because it is like trying to walk on marbles because of all the spent casings people have just left.

So, people, let's get together and have at least a couple clean ups a month at minimum. I would love to have enough people and equipment including tractors,trucks, trailers and bulldozers to stay until the place was immaculate. But I know from experience trying to get people together for a great cause, trying to save our Second Amendment Rights in this State has been impossible.

Everyone willing to help before we loose access here as well, please respond. We need as many people as we can get. Please give some time so your kids can take their kids their and pass on the tradition to them of exercising their Second Amendment rights. PLEASE HELP BEFORE THIS IS CLOSED TO US TOO!

richfactor 06-03-2017 12:16 AM

Clean up forest on Iron Mountain Road
I went last weekend for my first time and was disgusted with the amount of garbage and lack of respect for the land.

I cleaned up as much as I had room for in the garbage bag I brought with me. And left feeling like I the need to do more.

I am interested in helping.

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RevolverFan 06-03-2017 8:41 AM

Thank you Sir!! We have 2 now. I am going to wait a few days and if it is just yoyu and me, I can bring my truck and ask my neighbor if I can borrow his trailer and we will be able to get maybe 1 spot at a time if no one else will help. I don't know if you'll still be interested if it is just the two of us but it is a lot better than the half of me left. We can shoot for a while first if you want and then clean up. More of a incentive, at least for me. I can bring hand tools but, I have wanted a tractor for 30 years to help on my property but with 4 kids and a mortgage, my tractor fund got used for emergencies. I have a neighbor with one that is a shooter and he is not really friendly, but he can't kill me for just asking if he will help. If he does, you'll have to find someone else to help you. I'll bring a box of contractor bags I bring with me until I think I would get pulled over even though it is all tied down.

I haven't seen any Game Warden's out there in years. About 10 years ago, Swarznegger cut there budget and they laid a bunch of them off. But I don't know if your familiar with Murphy's Law, but it is the story of my life.

I have the pistols and ammo locked inn ammo boxes in the truck but now way to store them in a trunk and I am not sure how the law reads for only a passenger storage area. I figure they can see I made an honest effort an investment to try to comply. I keep thinking, I need to look that up but I am just going to have to call a buddy at CHP. And he can tell me. We were in the same Union until I got hurt and it was funny because we live in the same area.

Out here in the country/Forest, it's not really what I would call a neighborhood but he is one street over and I never saw him and I drove an Undercover Car as an Investigator that has a cold plate. A cold plate means even Law Enforcement can't look it up. It actually iusd to be one of Governor Wilson's body guard cars but they switch often so as not to be identified where my agency, not so much. We didn't have the money and were lucky we didn't have to ride bicycles or horses. It was an extremely pumped up 440, and I could catch the wind almost is how fast it was. I had to carry a card just like the CCW card if I got stopped but thankfully, in God's grace, I never did.

I thank you again SIr, and I'll do what I can to get some more help. God knows we need all we can get. I don't know if you are a Christian or not but if so, pray God will send more people to help. I want to get this place cleaned up out of respect for the land but also before any liberals or news crews show up and start videoing and taking pictures. As i said before, I have went through this once and a soon as the authorities and the audience saw the pictures and the video, I left as I couldn't defend that. The bad thing is that the place I am talking about cleaning up is a 100 times worse than Blue Gouge rd, the first road after the last bridge on the right. And I dont recall the second one after the last bridge going towards Kirkwood/88. Did you go up Pleasant Valley road to get there? Because I was thinking we could meet at a small market in Pleasant Valley in case anyone needs anything. If it ends up just being a couple of us, we can buy a sandwhich and a drink package for less than $6.00 and they have other stuff as well if your not a sandwich guy. Awesome sandwiches though as they are from Organic meat and remind me of the farm were I grew up for a while. Really Good. I'll stay in touch. May God richly bless you for honoring Him in taking care of the land He gave us to enjoy, not trash.

Skip_Dog 06-05-2017 1:32 PM

I live in Lodi, but will be willing to offer my back for a clean up. I am not sure how far away this location is but I think its under 80 miles. I do not have a truck. My BLM car is a Pontiac Vibe awd. I can haul a few bags of trash out. Please let me know when this is a go. Weekends work best for me but I can play hooky if needed.

Romeo_alpha01 06-05-2017 2:24 PM

I don't have a truck or anything but I'm still down to clean up. I can be the brass dude with rake, water boy, whatever. Let me know

RevolverFan 06-09-2017 10:58 AM

Thanks for all you gentlemen that have volunteered. We only have 3 and 1/2 (Me). So, How about if we wait another week and see if we can get some more people.

Please PEOPLE, give up a few hours to conserve your rights and those of your Children and Grandchildren !!

Do any of you know how to make this request more noticeable so people see it?

I'm new to the forum and wanted to get a bunch of people together to clean up a place that is used by a ton of people shooting but sadly leaving all their trash, brass, etc. there. It is a little disheartening of all the people that use the area for target shooting, only 3 people are willing to help clean it up.

I know we can make a dent in one small space, but the need is far greater. People don't understand how fast that we can be thrown out of there and it become another place that only horses, hikers and bicyclists can go. I live about 10 miles away and have seen how fast that the environmentalists move. They have a lot of power in this County and with Department of Forestry.

I would hate to see more of this supposed Public Land closed off to Gun Owners because of the abuse of the land. I want my kids kids to be able to use the Land to shoot, ride dirt bikes or whatever they want.

It is all of us using the Forest to target shoot that need to get out there and clean up this overwhelming mess before you see it on the news and the push starts to close the Forest for Target shooting and Hunting.

California has a lot of Gun Haters and they don't even want to see one let alone the overwhelming mess that has been left in the Forest by Target Shooters.

For the 3 of you that have volunteered, would Saturday or Sunday work best for you? Would the 24th/25th work for you all? Whatever day Get's the most votes, we can go that day. I did check on selling the Brass to Freedom Munitions that has a Credit Program but for one box I collected my last time out is 8 lbs and it cost around $20.00 to ship and Freedom pays less than $2 a lb. So if any of you all reload, we could just split the brass between you. I'll bring what I have collected as well. Unless anyone has any other ideas? There are also Tons of Shotgun Shells out there and I don't know if any of you reload those?

Thanks again guys and I will keep trying at a local gun range to get help also. If you all know of any other ways to get the word out to get volunteers, go for it. The more the merrier.

All the best to each of you and Thank You again!

RevolverFan 06-09-2017 11:23 AM

I forgot to add that I have my truck and borrowed a neighbor's trailer that we can get a bunch of trash in both. It's ok for those of you that don't have a truck, help is needed to fill up the trucks and trailers that are brought.

Thank You All!!

Skip_Dog 06-09-2017 12:52 PM

Sat or Sun the 24th or 25th is fine for me. If I had to choose one I would go with Sunday but fine with what ever day works for the most people.

RevolverFan 06-09-2017 3:36 PM

Thank you Skip_Dog! I appreciate you willing to help and willingness to work with everyone. I look forward to meeting you.

TheZouave 06-09-2017 4:16 PM

I'd recommend tracking down PLINK - they do periodic cleanups of that area. I take out at least a few trashbags when I'm shooting out there, because it does get pretty wrecked. Don't forget to bring leather gloves, a lot of people bring sheet metal junk to shoot and it ends up with lots and lots of sharp edges.

Can someone make a google map to target areas of concern, and I'll be happy to stop by and do at least a preliminary scouting/cleanup trip and take some pictures so we know what to prioritize.

I am familiar with Capps Crossing/Bonetti Road, are there other areas I should look into?

readysetgo 06-09-2017 4:57 PM

In for moral support. I'm too far off or I would join.

For more views, consider including a more recognizable location in your title e.g. (El Dorado County, NoCal) etc. In our society of battles for attention, people like to get to the point quickly before committing to read lengthy (but important) posts. It's just the way it is.

Also, just keep the convo going and people will stumble on it, as I just did. :thumbsup: Good luck all.

Kestryll 06-09-2017 5:07 PM

Looking at the map would Placerville be the closest large community?

TheZouave 06-09-2017 5:11 PM

Correct, Placerville is the closest 'large' community. Pollock Pines is about 15-20 minutes away also, but is relatively small in comparison - but makes a good meetup point at the Safeway there.


Originally Posted by Kestryll (Post 20213260)
Looking at the map would Placerville be the closest large community?

jeremiah12 06-09-2017 6:41 PM

I am an old school conservationist that strongly believes the National Forests needs to be open to all. I used to do a lot of backpacking along Highway 88 in my younger years. I know have a bad back so they only way I can enjoy the backcountry is by motorized vehicles. Some of the most conservation minded people I have meet have been off-roading people.

I know where Sly Park is though it has been several years since I have been there. I have a 4Runner and will rent a small trailer from my local rental yard and bring it up so I can haul some of the trash to the dump. I just need to know the date, the time, and where to meet. I can even drive anyone who wants to go but does not have a ride.

I am a teacher and have a fairly open schedule for the summer.

I will be coming from Stockton.

If you contact the El Dorado Forest Ranger Station in Placerville, they might provide some dumpsters and even a ranger to assist keeping the area closed to shooting for the day while the clean up is happening. At least it will let them know that there are shooters who do care.

RevolverFan 06-10-2017 11:08 AM

Thank you Souave for the reference to PLink. I will check that out as well. Actually, living here, I have never heard of them and am a very active and passionate off roader and shooter. I have only seen a local very small range group that has tried t clean up the area.

The closest town to the Area is Pleasant Valley, where I live. It is 8 miles from here to the area. Pleasant Valley Road turns in to Sly Park Road a little ways away. From Pleasant Valley road, you drive to Iron Mountain Road, also called Mormon Immigrant Trail. It is right before you get to Sly Park Lake and also Called Jenkinson's Lake on some maps. The easiest way coming from Stockton is to go up 5 to the Grant Line Road exit and go east. It will turn in to E-16. E-16 dead ends into Pleasant Valley Road. On the right side of the road there is a small Grocery Store Called Holiday Market. That is the best Meeting place for a small group as we have and considering where most people are coming from. If you just Google Directions from my location to Sly Park Lake, or Jenkinsons Lake, it will show you how you can take different routes to the Corner of E-16 and Pleasant Valley Road. I also have come from my area down E-16 to Stockton through Amador County straight down to Sonora Area and there is a newer Highway that I made a right on going west that goes down to Stockton. It is a pretty drive but I don't know exactly where everyone is coming from to tell you the easiest way. Googling from your location is the easiest.

RevolverFan 06-10-2017 12:09 PM

Jeremiah12, I am from your same group. I have always took out way more than I have came with to keep areas open to all. Unfortunately I have witnessed areas being closed to shooters and off road vehicles by Environmentalists claiming that the areas were being destroyed because of the trash, Lead poisoning of animals, off readers causing erosion and landslides and you name it. I advertised in the local paper out of my own money trying to get people to fight, clean up the area and show they cared. Unfortunately, I was the only one that showed up to a meeting to hear public comment on whether to close the area or keep it open for all. LOng story short, it is the area on your right that is now closed off to off-roading and shooting and has a big paved parking lot and it was all paid for by Green Sticker Funds and we aren't allowed there. The environmentalists have a ton of power in the area and with the Department of Forestry as they are organized and well funded.

I am only one person with limited ability as I am now disabled and my available funding has turned to nothing as I can no longer work. I have tried to make a difference and feel I have failed because people as a whole that are off readers or shooters will not get active to the same degree the environmentalists have. We can't defeat them as things are today.

Is all it would take is for them to want the area that is currently being used mostly by off readers and target shooters. I have witnessed this personally up close and personal several times in the past thirty years. Off readers are extremely limited now in the Georgetown Area because of one ladies consistent complaints after moving in right next to trails I have ridden on for 40 + years. The Siearra Club took up her case and the off readers got thrown out and the small areas we are now allowed to ride in are closed by the local authorities at the first sign of drizzle because of complaints of erosion. It is some of the best dirt bike riding areas in the country now closed to us because of one person complaining.

It is obvious that Californians as a whole hate guns and off roaders because we are a bunch of heathens or whatever. The sad thing is we give them the ammunition to use against us by not cleaning up after ourselves. They go out and video the area they want or someone is complaining about and show the local, State and Federal authority what a mess we leave behind. It is unbelievable the amount of trash that people leave behind.

So, unless we can organize and educate those leaving the mess, we are going to have areas closed to us until we are not allowed anywhere on public land because of the destruction we cause.

I also believe that some of the most conservation minded people are off roaders. I have ridden all over the Eldorado National Forest on Dirt Bikes. I have taken the Rubicon Trail on a dirt bike and a Toyota Truck I built for it. The people in the area started complaining about all the Feces left behind along with trash etc. and were trying to close the area. Fortunately, the Jeepers Association is an Organized funded group that we all got together and took out tons of trash literally with hundreds of trucks, trailers, dumpsters etc. They bought Porta Potties and had them installed along the trail and have them serviced. But there are still those that trash the area and give shooters and off roaders a bad name.

I guess I am fighting a lost cause as no amount of effort has resulted in any one willing to commit to formally organize a group to keep the areas clean and to police the area to keep the bad apples honest to clean up their own messes.

The Rangers no longer have the resources to assist off roaders or shooters. I have physically been their and spoken eventually with the highest ranking person in the area. They only devote resources to the environmentalists as an unwritten rule because they are well organized and have sued them many times.

As I have stated before, until we can organize, we are going to lose more and more access to public lands. I can take you to places I bet you have been when you were younger that you are not allowed to go today. Unless you are involved in the Local Politics here, they do not advertise all the closures to off reading and shooters. Places I took my now 40 year old sons were closed when I tried to take my 20 year old son there. Some great riding areas that are now only open to hiking, horses and bicyclist. If I was a betting man, I would bet you that I can blow your mind about the amount of closures that the occasional people going to areas do not know about but the locals know that have been closed to us.

Sadly, still there is nobody willing to do anything about it. Back before the area on the right just after you go over the two bridges past Sly Park was closed off to off roaders and shooters, The AMA, District 36 in which this area is part of, were involved. I was a member and they were willing to help. Then when there was no participation by the people that rode in the area to fight against the closure and the use of our money to provide a place for those that would only be allowed to use it, I have not seen them get involved since.

I was disabled approximately 10 years ago and haven't been able to ride since. So, they could be involved but you do not see it in the paper or news or anywhere the public goes. I believe they have just written the area off as a loss.

I wanted those areas to be open for my kids and my kids kids. I have taken my older boys on dirt bike rides near Sly Park area all the way to the Rubicon Trail. It was 60 + miles one way. Now, You can't ride in that area at all unless your on a horse or bicycle. Neither of which I can do anymore.

So I believe we are of the same cloth and share the same values. I only wish that we could get more of us to organize and fight all the closures and educate the younger crowds to continue to have the Public Lands open to them and their kids. As long as shooters and Off-Roaders continue to give the Environmentalists the ammunition to close areas off to us, we will continue to lose. When and if you come to assist in the clean up on June 25th, 2017, you will be amazed at how much trash is left by people. It is sickening and breaks my heart to see once Pristine areas covered in trash.

One good thing I can say about the Environmentalists is that they successfully fought,and sued to stop the Government allowing clear cutting in the area and selling the timber. Not only was there areas being clear cut but the same companies selling the timber were trashing the area unbelievably. I took pictures and video and added to the case against the government selling the timber and allowing the clear cutting of complete areas of the Forest. Not maintenance of the Forest but complete clear cutting. People just travelling the highway by areas that have been clear cut don't have a clue because at least they were smart enough not to do it all the way to the highway. But go down a trail for a short distance and areas covered in lush forest are now dumping grounds and tree-less. It is a horrible thing that people do to our public lands and the only people fighting hate off-roaders and shooters because of the mess we create and the danger of some with no training that shoot carelessly that put others in danger.

Enough of my rant. I will not apologize for my passion to see our public lands respected and taken care of for all to use. I wish before my last breath that we could all Organize as one Force to keep our public lands cleaned and respected and open for all to enjoy. May God bless you all and may He Bless America.

RevolverFan 06-10-2017 12:20 PM

Kestryll, Pleasant Valley is the closest town. We are about 10 miles outside of Placerville and have PLacervlle addresses. If you are on 50 going towards Tahoe, take the Highway 49 exit going south. In about 10 minutes, you will make a left in the town of Diamond Springs on to Pleasant Valley Road. You will come to a Y in about 5 miles and you continue straight. There is a Stop sign at that Y. The straight ahead direction has signs that say Pleasant Valley and Sly Park straight ahead. It will be approximately 4 miles from there to the corner of E-16 and Pleasant Valley Road and stop at the Holiday Market on the road side of the parking lot. I will have a Silver Dodge Pickup with a trailer. I was thinking to meet at 10 AM so people from Stockton don't have to get up in the middle of the night. It takes about 2 hours from here to the French Camp/Stockton Area.

RevolverFan 06-10-2017 12:42 PM

Eldorado National Forest Cleanup Day June 25th, 2017. Meeting on the road side of Holiday Market at 10 AM on Pleasant Valley Road at the intersection of E-16. I will lead everyone to the area in concern. Please bring Gloves, Trash Bags, rakes and shovels, pitch forks, Trucks and Trailers if you have them.

With the small amount of volunteers, I don't want to try and get my big BBQ in the back of my truck and then lessen the amount of trash I can take out. If you want, Holiday Market makes killer sandwiches from animals grown in the area without hormones etc. For a sandwich and a drink, it is about $5. If someone wants to bring a smaller bbq, please reply and I can try to provide some meat for all. I would rather just have a little target shooting fun and then tackle the big job of getting the area cleaned up. Believe me, with the small amount of volunteers, we will only be able to make a small dent. I don't want to Publish this Effort Publicly to draw attention to this disaster area left by shooters.

I have called and emailed the Local Gun Range which is small but if we can get more volunteers, the more we can make a difference.

I will try the Forestry Offices next week. There are two in the Area and see if we can get their assistance. I don't hold much hope as I have tried this before. I will however keep an open mind, I just don't want them to make it public and some of their employees are members of The local Sierra Club and other Enviromentalist Groups. So I have mixed feelings about asking for their help. It could backfire and turn in to another closure effort. I am actually going to think about it before I go some more. I also welcome other's opinions that live in the area. I haven't been there for over 10 years now and maybe they have changed or maybe they are all Environmentalists now. They had a large Budget Cut and complete change of pay and benefits where they as well as other State and Federal Agencies are no longer getting quality employees. I worked for the State for almost 30 years and saw the change after those cuts. I also know that they were part of the effort to close areas down to off roading and shooters in the past as I have testified against them in Public Forums and Meetings.

I have a question for those of you that have been on Calguns for a while. I would like to post my phone number to help people locate the area but don't want it to be public. All my numbers are private to protect my family from my former position and the work I did. Is there anyone that lives locally that is willing to post their number to help people get to the area or private message people somehow? Thank you to all !!

RevolverFan 06-10-2017 1:08 PM

Jeremiah12, A vote used to matter in this State but no longer. The amount of Illegal ALiens the State pays to have brought in and gives them welcome baskets. These baskets contain all the info they need to get Welfare, Food Stamps, free schooling, free rent and asks them to please Vote Democrat because these are the people supplying you with your freedom and all these free items and things to welcome you to California. They are given a Voters Registration Card.

So, I believe because of data, that a vote no longer matters North of Sacramento. What the Bay Area and LA Areas want is the only thing that matters.

These facts is why I am backing the State of Jefferson Movement. We have no representation in Northern Callifornia compared to LA alone. Northern California is more conservative and have much different needs that the Big Cities in THe Bay Area and LA Area. Are votes in Northern California are washed out and diluted by those areas alone and with illegal aliens voting democrat, its even worse.

They are suing the State currently for lack of Representation. IF they are successful and get an equal amount of Representation, then our votes will matter again. Also, if they are successful in getting the Voter Roles audited to remove the deceased, the Illegal Aliens and non Stae residents from the polls, we can make a difference then.

Until then, you better fight for your Second Amendment because if they take that, the rest goes right behind it. Why California has been under Democratic Control for over two decades has done great damage to the Freedom many have fought and died for.

The Government in California is like a Reality Show. It is all fake and they are only there for the money. Bloomberg and other multi billionaires are funding the "West Coast Wall" where all of us will be disarmed that believe in the Second Amendment. The Courts are and have been ruling against the Second Amendment for quite a while and the Supreme Court hasn't taken a Case since Te Heller Decision. Hopefully they will soon as the CRPA and NRA are filing Law Suits to get back are rights taken by Unconstitutional Laws passed.

If any government has ever needed replaced including England during the Revolutionary War, California Government needs removed most of all. They have broken their Oaths of Office and ignore the Constitution and Federal Law on a daily basis. They are actively trying as I type this to make everyone holding any firearm a Felon. The 60 + pages of their proposed Regulations go above and beyond the Unconstitutional Laws passed last Year. It is amazing that an Agency Has been given the Law Making Power That only our Congress has per The Constitution. NRA and The CRPA is analyzing them now and will advertise their briefings once they are completed. You can get an idea for yourself if you want to read the DOJ Proposed Regulations. You can find a link directly from I hope everyone will chip in to their legal fees so they can continue to fight to get our rights back.

jeremiah12 06-10-2017 2:59 PM


Originally Posted by RevolverFan (Post 20216640)
Eldorado National Forest Cleanup Day June 25th, 2017. Meeting on the road side of Holiday Market at 10 AM on Pleasant Valley Road at the intersection of E-16. I will lead everyone to the area in concern. Please bring Gloves, Trash Bags, rakes and shovels, pitch forks, Trucks and Trailers if you have them.

I plan to be there with a trailer. This is the first clean-up that has been close to me so I finally have a chance to do something positive for our community.

I will be driving up from Stockton, if anybody wants a ride, PM me.

RevolverFan: if you could give the GPS coordinates to the meet up place, that would be helpful for those of us with GPS to use to find the place. It has been many years since I was there. I had a summer job with the Forest Service when I was 18 and that market sounds familiar.

jeremiah12 06-10-2017 3:18 PM

I found the address:

Holiday Market
4653 Mt. Aukum Rd. Placerville CA 95667

I looked on Google maps and it is at the intersection where Pleasant Valley Road and Sly Park Road meet. Aukum Road is the third road to meet at this intersection.

According to Google maps it is 1 hour and 38 minutes from Stockton if one goes up 88 and then cut over through Ione, Plymouth and Fiddletown.

richfactor 06-11-2017 1:43 AM

Clean up forest on Iron Mountain Road

Originally Posted by RevolverFan (Post 20216640)
Eldorado National Forest Cleanup Day June 25th, 2017. Meeting on the road side of Holiday Market at 10 AM on Pleasant Valley Road at the intersection of E-16. I will lead everyone to the area in concern. Please bring Gloves, Trash Bags, rakes and shovels, pitch forks, Trucks and Trailers if you have them.

Quoted a summary above for those who might otherwise gloss over lengthy posts and would consider helping clean up the shooting spots near Sly Park Jenkinson Lake in Pollock Pines just past Placerville.

I should be able to make it that day but am not 100% sure until that week. I have a truck and can haul out if there is a place to discard the trash.

I'll be there tomorrow and taking out more than I bring in.

Hopefully you can organize ranger support.

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BeFrank 06-11-2017 3:19 PM

I'll be willing to help but it's based on my work schedule, I'll make it if I can. I'm out of meadow vista ( auburn) area.

TheZouave 06-12-2017 12:41 PM

Not a problem. I got their information from the Forest Service (who were pretty helpful when I called about a year back). They have Rangers through that area pretty regularly, so they're aware of most messes that are being created, and are also aware that there are groups working to keep it clean.

I grew up in Somerset, nice to see another 'local' on here. :-) I'm going to try to make it up on the 25th - I was taking a group camping that weekend, but we may end up just down the road from you guys, so I'll try to get out to help.


Originally Posted by RevolverFan (Post 20216223)
Thank you Souave for the reference to PLink. I will check that out as well. Actually, living here, I have never heard of them and am a very active and passionate off roader and shooter. I have only seen a local very small range group that has tried t clean up the area.

The closest town to the Area is Pleasant Valley, where I live. It is 8 miles from here to the area.

Can'thavenuthingood 06-18-2017 10:54 AM

Looks like a great area to go for the week or weekend with the family.

Area Map

RevolverFan 06-18-2017 11:19 AM

Yes, it is a beautiful area. Our family has spent many weekends and weekdays there. It is too bad people are trashing the area so much it makes me sick to my stomach.

Can'thavenuthingood 06-18-2017 11:49 AM

Is there room enough to have some sort of Calguns get together?
Something like the Super Secret Zombie shoot in SoCal?
Usually a couple hundred people with RV's, tents etc

Some vids here


RevolverFan 06-18-2017 12:09 PM

I haven't been well and had to go have an oupatient procedure Thursday. So, I haven't been active on this thread for a bit. My apologies to all. I am still going on the 25th unless I'm not breathing. From the E-16, also called Mt. Auckum Rd in that area after Plymouth I believe, and Pleasant Valley Rd. Intersection it is a little over 5 miles to the clean up area. For those that are coming Hwy 50, you'll take the Sly Park Rd. Exit. Keep going past the lake at the first left you can make at the bottom of the lake. That is Mormon Immigrant Trail/Iron Mountain Road. I will look there also at that corner going by to the clean up area if anyone is not sure where to go from there. It is after two dams, and keep following the road. You'll see a couple miles down a small parking lot that has a big Billboard type Map of the Forest Area. It is the very next right after that. It is paved for a few feet and is like fire trail roads so Four Wheel drive isn't necessary. There are a couple areas that are 4 wheel drive to get up too that are shooting spots that need cleaned up buy are just a little off the fire trail road. It is a good road so nobody need worry about tearing up their car or anything.

TheZouave, I haven't seen a Ranger out there in I don't know how many years. I worked for the State for almost 30 years and CDF and the Forest Service had a large number of lay offs a few years back. I spoke to a friend that the last time they tried from the Local Range to clean up the area, they got no Ranger assistance and it was also in a "Letter to the Editor" in the local newspaper the following week about how much off roaders and shooters were destroying the exact same area. As I stated before, a lot of the people that work there are Enviroterrorist and do everything they can to keep off roaders and shooters out of the Forest period. So, I have decided against going over there or calling to avoid further publicity about what pieces of garbage off roaders and shooters are. Believe me, it's not the first time that it has ended up in the newspaper. The area isn't as friendly to bikers, hikers and horses is one of the only reasons we still have access there.

Everyone, Thank you so much for volunteering to help clean this area up. I am looking forward to meeting you all. Again, unless anyone feels differently and wants to have a bbq, I think we should just bring our own food with such a small group. There are tons of areas that people shoot out there but Thank God their are mountains out there that protect you from being hit by careless shooters. There will be shooters out there on a Sunday but most are gone by Noonish as it is already in the 90's here. A lot of the area is clear cut so there isn't much shade.

Thanks everyone and I will monitor the thread all week for any more questions. Thanks to those that looked up the address of Holiday Market and posted it.

Just a warning for those coming up from the Stockton Area, it is really easy to miss the turn for E-16 towards Somerset coming up 88 or Grant Line Rd which is also E-16 all the way from 99 to the dead end at Pleasant Valley Rd. If you have missed it. You will come to a dead end in the town of Eldorado. Looking straight ahead at that T intersection, you'll see a very Famous Bar called "Poor Red's." Make a right there at that intersection. It will say Hwy 49 in some areas and Pleasant Valley road most of the way. You will just stay straight on Pleasant Valley road following the signs that will say Pleasant Valley and Sly Park. From Poor Reds it is 10-12 miles I would guess to the Holiday Market meeting area. There will be no turns that you'll take to get to Holiday Market. Stay straight on Pleasant Valley. I can't tell you how many people goe back to the Somerset area and call me lost when coming up here. If you follow the signs to Pleasant Valley in some areas and at a Y where there is a Stop Sign past the Town of Diamond Springs, go through the Stop sign. You'll see a sig at the Stop sign that has an arrow straight ahead fro Pleasant Valley and Sly Park.

RevolverFan 06-18-2017 12:13 PM

For those of you with trucks/trailers, there is a dump open on Sunday in Diamond Springs. I will be going there as well for those that wan't to follow. For those that want to leave early, you'll go straight back down Pleasant Valley Rd. West, to the very First Stop Light you'll see in the town of Diamond Springs. Make a right on HWY 49 there and the dump is only a couple blocks (Country Blocks) and has signs there that you can't miss.

RevolverFan 06-18-2017 12:29 PM

Can't have nuthin good. Yes, it is the National Forest. There are miles of area out there. I have never been to the end of the trail, but past the bridge over the Consumnes River, there are a bunch of flatter areas. We used to have a big toy hauler before I got hurt and have went with friends with Motohomes. You adjust your rig to get it level enough for the propane to flow. It isn't' a flat parking lot though. It is also very dusty at this time of year and worse as Summer goes on for those that hate that, this isn't the place for you. Their are a ton of campgrounds at the lake but I haven't been in 10 years. I know people who have that say they have made a ton of improvements to the campgrounds and boat launch since my last visit. The lake actually is spilling over this year and I can't recall how long it has been since that happened. It's really beautiful there this year being full of water and the Snow Capped Sierra's right behind it. Sly Park is roughly 4000 ft. If your there before sunrise or after sunset, your going to want some warm clothing even in summertime.

RevolverFan 06-18-2017 12:40 PM

DO NOT TAKE Hwy 88 towards Lake Tahoe/Myers. Iron Mountain/Mormon Immigrant Trail is used for Snow Piles from 88 and the from the Intersection of 50 and 88. Your GPS won't tell you that it is closed near 88 still at this time of year. I have tried before coming back from a visit to Lake Tahoe mid Summer after a good winter, and had to go about 30 miles out of our way down into Sacramento before I could make a right to get to 50 and go 40 miles home. BE WARNED. If your taking 88 through Jackson, Sutter Creek, Plymouth Areas, your fine. Dont try to take 88 towards Myers over the passes. You'll end up at Hwy 50 going back down the hill west until you get to the Sly Park exit. It is open from the end we will be going even though they may not have covered the sign yet that says"Your GPS is wrong! The road is closed and not open to Kirwood."

fighterpilot562 06-18-2017 3:38 PM

I have posted this on the Calguns Facebook group. I ask any of the nor cal groups. If you are on Facebook. And part of any shooter, off road groups. Cross post this link to spread the word. The more groups that know. The more people might show up. We are doing the same thing down here.

Mullins 06-19-2017 7:39 AM

Has anyone been able to post an address (for google maps) or GPS coordinates for the location of the market or the area that needs to be cleaned?
(Not just directions)

Can'thavenuthingood 06-19-2017 7:51 AM


Originally Posted by Mullins (Post 20255164)
Has anyone been able to post an address (for google maps) or GPS coordinates for the location of the market or the area that needs to be cleaned?
(Not just directions)

Try this, its expandable map.

If anyone has Google Earth you ought to be able to plug in the address to the Marketand then move to the clean up area and pull the GPS co ordinates from there for posting.
I'm not familiar with the area so I'm not going to risk the attempt.


RevolverFan 06-19-2017 8:09 AM

Latitude. 38.682240

Longitude. -120.661731

RevolverFan 06-19-2017 8:23 AM

This is to the meeting place, Holiday Market,4653 Mount Aukum Rd
Placerville, CA 95667. Coming from E-16/Mt. Aukum Rd, you'll come to a stop sign that is at the dead end at Pleasant Valley Rd. Holiday Market is on your right. Turn right at the stop sign. I will be in a full size Dodge Truck with a trailer on the back waiting on the shoulder of Pleasant Valley and Holiday Market. I can not make it anymore clear than others who have posted or these directions and coordinates. If anyone needs any additional information, PM me here or on Facebook under Harold Bryan.

Send me your phone number, I'll call and see if I can help you. If everyone does this, I can give my phone number so you can call if your coming but are late. I will wait from 10 am to approximately 10:15 am. It takes 2 hours approximately from Stockton. I used to have to go to a Training Center for American Honda at the French Camp exit and without traffic, it would be really close to 2 hours.

RevolverFan 06-19-2017 8:47 AM

The Turn we will make on to Mormon Emigrant Trail coming from Holiday Market will be a right at the Base of the Lake. Some maps call it Jenkinsons and others call it Sly Park Lake. The coordinates for that are 38.719791, -120.574277.

From Highway 50 taking the Sly Park Lake exit, go past the lake to the bottom and make a left on Mormon Emigrant Trail. I will stop on the right side of the road if there is room. Being a Sunday in Summer, there may not be. So, if no room, go straight on Mormon Emigrant Trail, youll see the spillover on your left, you'll go over 2 bridges and I'll stop within a mile or two depending on parking availability.

The Google Maps app is not correct with the street names on our right proceeding on Mormon Emigrant Trail because other off road/Shooting sites have been closed to us and one Huge place added after the 2nd bridge on your right that is only for Horses, Hikers and Bikers now.

So, I will wait on the shoulder on the right just past that entrance. It is less than a mile after the 2nd bridge.

Some of the roads were completely closed and one new one made for that spot I was talking about. If your late, and I dont have a number for you, like I said before, it is the next road on your right after the Large Billboard type map of the Forest that has a small parking lot on your right. The very next road on your right is where you turn and is only paved for a short distance. Look for a Full Size Silver Club Cab Dodge with a trailer on that road and you will find the rest of us.

RevolverFan 06-19-2017 8:52 AM

I would give you a street name to turn on if there where signs in the forest. The Forest Service has completely stopped replacing them after punks tear them down. You can't miss the Huge Billboard sign on the right with small parking lot because their is no other paved parking lot on your right.

Again it is your very next right after that parking lot with Billboard sign of Forest.

I hope that helps everyone now? I don't know how I could make it any clearer.

Like I said, PM me and I'll call you.

Skip_Dog 06-21-2017 7:43 AM

Bump. 4 more days till the clean up.

Lonestargrizzly 06-21-2017 8:22 AM

Anyone going up there from Stanislaus?

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