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KrisDSA 04-29-2014 3:13 PM

High Desert Firearms
Don't know what happened to this place after my first visit, but the last times I have been there, They have been very rude. Will not be going back. Stay Away

ricksOe 04-29-2014 3:29 PM

Wrong forum bro.. just thought I'd let you know before someone bashes you.

Unless you have pictures for us.

BEE 04-29-2014 5:56 PM


MrElectric03 05-10-2014 6:40 PM

I've been there twice, once was great as you described and the other they were a bit rude. Pretty small store though and limited selection, price is the same as most everyone else. Try Ernie at Tin Star in Oak Hills, his store is out of his house but you won't beat his prices or service. I've bought three guns from him so far and won't be buying anywhere else. Here's is his Calguns thread:

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