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skydv1 07-14-2020 8:29 PM

Contact Request

I've been looking for a club to join and SMGC looks like it might fit the bill. Sent two contact requests via the club web site, but haven't received a response. I'm hoping someone will contact me to chat about the club so I might be able to make a decision on applying for membership (prior to filling out an app and sending fees).

I live in Mission Viejo, am prior service (USAF 1973-1979), enjoy shooting in general, and am particularly interested in long range.

Thank you.

Garv 07-14-2020 8:45 PM

Member ditchdigger seems very involved with SMGC.

I suggest sending him a PM for his advice.

Good luck.

skydv1 07-14-2020 8:53 PM

Thank you!

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