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jdcowboy 12-26-2017 2:30 PM

Looking for AZ/FL/NV/OR/UT instructor near Ventura/LA county line
I live near the LA/Ventura County line. Just moved from Ventura to LA County, so my Ventura CCW is about to go away. Not going to bother applying in LA County. I want to get some out of state CCW's in case the Fed law changes. Looking for instructors near LA/Ventura County line. Thanks.

rcjunky3 12-26-2017 9:17 PM

to bad you moved prior to getting the out of state because im pretty sure all your info has to be current to your issued license i believe. what i do know for sure is no need for an instructor its a waste of money i know i got burned from a NRA instructor at the crossroads show. as long as your CCW is still valid and all information is correct you do not need to do anything but request the form from AZ be sent to you, fill it out send it back with a photo copy of your CCW and the fee and they will send you a license. i had a co-worker try this after the lady on the phone told me the NRA instructor certificate meant nothing if i had a current CCW since i obviously had training to get it.

BlackyHouston 12-27-2017 6:05 AM

If you had a CA CCW you have all the instruction that you need.

Now just log onto the states WebSites and order the packets of which the most difficult thing is getting the Blue Card Finger prints.

rcjunky3 12-27-2017 6:34 AM

my local PD did mine for $10 a card was not to bad at all.

Markinsac 12-27-2017 10:26 AM

NV requires that the training take place IN Nevada. You also have to apply in person. Fortunately, they added the UT permit back on their list as valid permit a bit ago.

jdcowboy 12-27-2017 4:16 PM

The Utah application says it requires a weapons familiarity course.

mofo1111 12-27-2017 4:46 PM

If your permit is still valid, also look into getting a Florida out of state CCW permit. Just show proof of your CCW class you took.

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