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scombs263 03-20-2008 3:51 PM

Here are my SIGs, some are gone and some have been added to this collection...I took this picture about 6 months ago...Took me a while to get to this point....

jermzzzzzzz 03-20-2008 3:56 PM

I'll take all of them.

69Mach1 03-20-2008 4:01 PM

Jesus man. Haven't you heard of other brands?:D

Nice collection.

wilit 03-20-2008 7:34 PM

LOL Awesome! You've got one of each! I love Sigs. Wish I had the discipline to save up for one. :)

ghostrider4evr 03-20-2008 7:40 PM

Good lord, that is quite a collection. Time to move on to...HK!

trashman 03-20-2008 7:55 PM

"Sir! Please place your hands on your head and step AWAY FROM THE SIGARMS CATALOG"

FlyingPen 03-20-2008 7:57 PM

Which one is your favorite?

I have a P226R and I'm thinking about a P229R. The only thing is it seems kinda boring to get another Sig. But no other pistol short of a 1911 seems to have as sweet of a SA trigger break than Sigs. My other pistol is a CZ P01.

ExcitedPanda 03-20-2008 8:06 PM

Just got a sig 226 myself and as my first sig i could definately understand the obsession

OutlawDon 03-20-2008 9:28 PM

Weak collection. :p

jermzzzzzzz 03-22-2008 7:30 PM

Sigs will one day take over the world.

cobra198 03-23-2008 8:46 PM

I am so jealous its disgusting...... Awesome collection!

brokestudent12 03-23-2008 10:24 PM

Just picked up a 229 Equinox. Couldn't be happier.

Will I buy 25 sigs? fvck no

Breadfan 03-23-2008 10:32 PM

some day I will buy one

tonelar 04-28-2008 7:07 PM

That's an amazing collection, Scombs. Someone asked me "why Sigs?" All I could think to say was that I sincerely believe in their durability... I bought my first one in the late 80's.

Happy to say I still own it.

eijjie33 04-28-2008 7:47 PM

nice collection!!:D..yeah i love my sig p228 too to the point it is the only one i always shoot when i go the range.eventhough i bring with me my beretta cougar 9mm & hkusp 9mm i still prefer my sig to either one.

liketoshoot 04-29-2008 4:31 PM

DROOLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought I had a nice collection but after seeing yours I now have more incentive to keep buying.

I now have; P232, P226, P220ST, P229ST, P226 BLACKWATER. So I have a ways to go.

PatriotnMore 04-29-2008 4:37 PM

Looking at the pic, it would seem you have enough pieces to spell out sig with them. Could make for an interesting pic project.

Eric_Oh 04-29-2008 4:39 PM

So um... do you like sigs?

Rabidmonkey777 05-01-2008 4:25 PM

This is my sig p220r equinox .45 acp. It was custom made in the sig factory and has custom wood grips. I have only put about 300 rounds through it and it works great(besides a wierd hang up problem i was getting where the slide would go into slide lock durring cycling even though the engagement was not touched) This picture does not do this fine handgun justice, but is just a range pictuce.

daemonite 05-05-2008 2:13 AM

My first SIG...

Made in 12/83
Has a set of Meprolights installed and Pachy Signature grips.

DrunkSkunk 05-05-2008 2:19 AM

nice 'nox monkey

ontmark 05-05-2008 5:42 AM

Very nice
Why all SIG's
I know why. They run and run!

ldivinag 05-05-2008 4:36 PM


Originally Posted by 69Mach1 (Post 1078889)
Jesus man. Haven't you heard of other brands?:D

Nice collection.

no, there's no need to... lol...

tonelar 06-06-2008 2:25 AM

Adonlude 06-06-2008 4:27 PM

Thats a whole lotta Sig! My P229R 40/357 was my very first gun. Got it about a year ago and I love it. Wanna hear the most retarted reason ever for choosing a certain gun? I used to play an online first person shooter video game in college called Counterstrike and the Sig P228 was my favorite pistol to use in that game. Years later I started doing the research and discovered that Sig is a damn good pistol maker. I saw the P229R and had to have it.

Crazed_SS 06-11-2008 11:57 PM

hamster 06-18-2008 10:28 PM

FlyingPen 06-23-2008 5:00 PM

Sigs are fun... but all the little crevices suck to clean.

M24 06-25-2008 8:41 AM

Amazing collection! I have the number for a good glock therapist if you need it. :-)

jlb 01-11-2009 12:51 PM

AMC 01-17-2009 8:54 AM

Only one sigpro and you call that a collection?:D

jimrod 01-17-2009 3:56 PM

Wholly Collection BATMAN! :eek:

shoupdawg 01-17-2009 4:17 PM
1996 West German P6 in 9mm
1995 West German 220 in .45 acp
2004 Reverse Two-Tone 226 in .40 cal with a .357 sig barrel

FlyingDesertEagle 01-24-2009 3:07 PM

Not mine; just thinking of fire safety.

jlb 01-24-2009 4:35 PM


Thumper 02-01-2009 9:57 PM

Here are my 3 current Sigs. I will be getting a P226R, P229R, and another P220 in the upcoming months, stupid California and its 30+10 day wait.

SigPro 2009 Blue Line

Sig 1911 TTT

P220R Beavertail/SRT/Sig Lite


WRENCHHEAD 02-23-2009 9:43 PM

Blue 02-23-2009 9:43 PM


Midian 02-23-2009 9:46 PM

I need an X5. Oh yes I do.

Ventura_Yak'r 02-25-2009 12:14 AM


Originally Posted by WRENCHHEAD (Post 2079705)

Where did you get the OD Sig? Better yet... where can I get one too?

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