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Fred C Dobbs 02-25-2011 1:30 PM

Need Help with 1906 Savage .22 pump rifle***Bought one.
I am cleaning up and going to put up for auction a nice 1906 Savage pump rifle in .22 LR. I am doing it for a WWII vet who is quite sick now. He gave two rimfires to me to sell for him. I am almost done cleaning up the Savage but the magazine is missing which is very common with these old guns.
I need a Savage 1903,06 or 09 original magazine, the one that attaches to the trigger guard.
I have tried Bob's, Gun Parts Corp, and done a lot of web searches. All I found was a couple really pitted originals on auction and a bunch of $35 reproductions.
I'd like to get an original to get this guy his best auction price. Any one got a clue on these? There are probably a couple dozen sitting in parts bins at gun shows across the country.
Thanks in advance.

fallujahfighter 05-17-2011 6:32 PM

1906 Savage .22lr
I have one that was given to me by my Great Grand Aunt. It belonged to my Great Grand Uncle and he bought it when he was a kid in 1906. I have the original 7 rnd mag for it, and I am looking for more. If you do come across more than one, please let me know. The only difference I can see between yours and mine, is I have a flip up peep sight just forward of the safety. Nice rifle you have there, there a hell of a tack driver :)

LiberalShooter 05-17-2011 9:42 PM

You might try the Costa Mesa gun show that's going to be the first weekend in June at the OC Fairgrounds.

Neat looking old gun. Good luck with the restoration.

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