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Munny$hot 01-03-2018 10:45 PM

Good going
After reading your reasons for making a thread for gays with guns, I fell it is an excellent idea. Hopefully it will get more like minded 2A folks together for a common cause and break the stigma that all gun owners are a bunch of back woods Republican. Hopefully this will spark the same movement that the LGBTQ has so tirelessly fought for equal rights. It's unfortunate that most CA gun owners just roll over and comply rather than ban together and stand up in unity.

cwr56 01-09-2018 5:01 PM

Indeed. I'm a bi liberal atheist, and I've been shooting since I was 16. Bought my first rifle at 18 (an M1 Garand), and been adding to that collection ever since.

Sunday 01-18-2018 3:01 PM


Originally Posted by cwr56 (Post 21134490)
Indeed. I'm a bi liberal atheist, .

Why all the titles to describe your self? How about you like shooting and other gun related goodies and who cares about the rest.

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