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AYRborneRN87 03-28-2014 3:57 PM

Just ordered
Peace filled greetings,

Just ordered Level-III with side plates and condor plate carrier.

Saw Caleb Wu's video comparison. My neighbor and I agree after watching it...
Spartan Armor 500 is the choice. Thank you for offering the discount here since I wasn't able to post on Facebook for "LIKE."

My wife is trying to post on her FB as well:-).

God bless.

TheTargetMan 03-31-2014 7:28 AM

Got the order. Thank you! We should have the order out by week's end, along with the free t-shirt we're giving out for this the current promotion.

Our AR500 Spartan Armor is the best in the industry....hands down. We have some BIG announcements we should be making in the upcoming weeks.



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