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StoicVentures 11-07-2012 6:52 PM

Intermediate Distance Carbine Dec 2 Metcalf

$200 + $10 RANGE FEE
This course is a designed to give the shooter the proper shooting fundamentals and mindset needed in a life or death scenario from 50-200 yards. We have carbines because they are more powerful than pistols and capable of precision at distance, this course is designed to teach you how to operate your carbine effectively at distance. Learn what you and your weapon are capable of at distance. This is a great class for anyone that is apprehensive to take a shot at distance, reality is your ONLY shot may be at distance. Come and learn what works, what doesn’t work, and why. Learn what the bullet does once it hits a medium (window, wall, clothing, etc) and what it does against soft tissue, learn what it does at distance- forget what Hollywood has taught you. This course is designed to educate you the shooter on what to expect from your body, your mind and equipment in a life or death scenario. We do not rise to the occassion, but fall to the level of our training- don’t fall short when it counts. This is a low round count class- distance calls for quality not quantity.

Fundamentals needed for accuracy (personal and equipment)
Target engagement from 50-200 yards
In depth discussion on incapacitation zones
Ballistic lecture of common carbine calibers in mediums and soft tissue
Scenario training
Specific incapacitation drills
Situation specific shooting positions
Psychology of the gunfight
Speed and accuracy drills
Carbine of Choice with quality optic or sights (telescopic sight not recommended)
2 or more magazines
200 rounds of rifle ammo
Ear protection (electronic preferred)/Eye protection
Sling and magazine pouch that will retain equipment when moving
Water hydrating device
Knee and elbow pads (optional)
Gloves (optional)
Clothing appropriate for strenuous activity which is seasonally appropriate
Weapon lube and maintenance tools
Positive attitude and open mind


StoicVentures 11-12-2012 10:39 AM

We are training with carbine 2 the day before, 0-50 yds. The big boys and girls will be out on Sunday to hone their combat shooting skills from 50-200. Earn your confidence, nobody gives it to you- train.

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