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D-Man 11-26-2012 12:43 PM

Tactical Pistol - Level 3 - 5/3/14 - Cost is $130
Here it is, the culmination of all the pistol classes is Tac Pistol - Level 3. This class is all about team tactics, room clearing, and advanced concepts. You must have completed Advanced Pistol Level 2 to be able to take this class. It is an advanced class; but will be a lot of fun. Shooters will need 200+ rounds of ammunition for this class along with the other normal gear for use up at Burro Canyon. Contact me if you have any questions. Cost for the class is $120 which is payable by cash, check, money order, credit card, or pre-pay through the website here. Reserve your spot in this class by May 1st at 5pm.

D-Man 04-25-2014 12:19 PM


cowboy777 05-03-2014 5:38 PM

What a great class! This will challenge you mentally & physically while putting a smile on your face. In this class your shooting becomes instinctive & secondary. Your situational awareness & movement is your priority. Do yourself a favor and work through Tac 1 & 2. Then come see what your made of and have fun doing it.

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