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pdq_wizzard 10-15-2010 6:45 AM

CCW Class in Sac Town?
with the news that the SCS will be issuing more CCW's in Sac, where is the best place to take the Class?

thebronze 10-17-2010 2:31 PM

That USA place on Fruitridge seems to be the most economical, I think. $110 (inc. 1 gun qual) plus $10 for each additional gun. I think someone said they'd give a $10 discount if you mention CalGuns.

Bizcuits 10-17-2010 3:26 PM

I'd recommend going with USA on Fruitridge. They are good people, owner is a former Green Beret and he runs the place with his family. It sucks though, because it is a business and the business is guard cards not CCW. So their CCW class is actually a modified guard firearm class.

Price is $110, but apparently if you mention CalGuns you get a $10 discount.

Shenaniguns 10-19-2010 2:51 PM

That is correct about the discount ;)

thebronze 10-20-2010 10:35 PM

I'm going with Ron Etchells.

$175 flat rate and free re-quals for life!

I'll post a report when I'm done with the class.

Unforgiven 10-21-2010 3:50 PM

I took mine from Advanced Security Institute at Cordova Shooting Center. Good class, nice guy, long day. The good part is you qualify right there without having to come back another day, like some other places mentioned above. By the way, I just received the approval on my Sac County CCW. It took 70 days from when I turned in my application. BAM

Lone_Gunman 01-05-2011 10:40 PM

Theres also CSTA over by the executive airport. It was $90 which included qualification with one weapon. Add weapons for $10 each. The security guard gun card class is combined with the ccw class. Don't expect a lot of great ccw info as there are people in there going for armed security cards that have never fired a gun. It's pretty basic, but it's cheap and the range is about 1 minute down the road.

Lone_Gunman 01-05-2011 10:42 PM

Wow. I just noticed how old the first post was... I don't frequent this section of CGN often, obviously.

ccwtrainer 01-05-2011 10:47 PM

You are all more than welcome to take one of my classes. My 16 hour initial CCW Class is normally $225 but, you all get a $25 discount making it $200. I do three of these classes per month in the Sacramento area. Two on weekends and one on weekdays. I can guarantee that besides learning the necessary material, you will have a SAFE & FUN time.

PhoenixDemon 01-18-2011 8:12 AM

Another CCW training option...
The Sacramento County area has a lot of training options for CCW training with varying degree's of quality. My company, Resolute Security Group Inc. Professional Training Services offer a two day Defensive Pistol and Use of Force class that fulfill's California's 16hour training requirement. However, RSG/PTS's class was not originally designed for "just CCW" applicants. It presents a good core of trainng and adds in some defensive shooting principles and techniques. Class starts in RSG/PTS's classroom and ends on the range doing a shooting and moving course. For more info:

agm@sacvalley 01-23-2011 8:22 AM

Sac Valley Shooting Center CCW Course
Sacramento Valley Shooting Center offers a 16 hour CCW course for $200.00. Members of the Folsom Shooting Club recieve thier 15% discount.
The classes are held on the first and third weekends of each month. Log on to or (916)354-9668 for more information.

Shenaniguns 01-23-2011 8:23 AM

Awesome, I will spread the word!

GutPunch 01-24-2011 1:38 PM


Originally Posted by agm@sacvalley (Post 5673808)
Sacramento Valley Shooting Center offers a 16 hour CCW course for $200.00. Members of the Folsom Shooting Club recieve thier 15% discount.
The classes are held on the first and third weekends of each month. Log on to or (916)354-9668 for more information.

Who is the instructor and how do you sign up? I checked out the info on the website and I'd be interested. However, no specific instruction for time/location/signup method were listed.

45R 02-02-2011 11:00 AM

I saw the training announcement on the calendar also. Hopefully Larry will put up a CV or Bio of the instructors teaching courses for Sac Valley. :)

Bibble Eyes 02-25-2011 9:36 AM

I am a recent recipient of the ccw in Sac County. The process was very easy, but took awhile. The people at the Sac County Sheriff's Dept. were ALL very friendly and professional and I really appreciate that. They were quick to respond to emails, phone calls, answering questions, and very respectful. Thank you all at Sac County Sheriffs!

My question to the group is, where did you take your 16 hour course, what did you pay and what were your opinions of the actual class? I think this would be a great discussion, if we can avoid too many rants. Keeping this productive I think will benefit all of us. Cost is obviously important to us, and location of course too. But in my opinion, most importantly, is which class gave the highest quality of education when it comes to the laws around the recent ccw issuance given to us in Sac County.

The reason I ask, is that, although I am very aware, it is my responsibility to read and know all the laws, I think it would be crucial to have a strong overview of the "do's and don'ts", laws, etc for everyone taking these classes. Reason being, all it takes is one idiot to ruin it for all of us. There were people in my class that had very very little experience with handguns, etc. If the classes don't cover this information, and people don't take the time to research the laws.....well, need I say more? The class I took, honestly, I left pretty disappointed. I feel I didn't learn much about the laws, or at least as much as I hoped. I was issued the book "How to Own a Gun and Stay Out of Jail" to pre-read before the class, but it didn't pertain as much to the CCW as I wanted, nor did the class. There were various handouts printed from various forums, etc but those were not helpful because they were from forums, which doesn't hold a lot of water in court. The handouts were little articles, some not having much meaning, I got all the pages mixed up because they weren't even stapled together, and were just photocopies out of books. Honestly, the handouts became worthless to me. I was hoping there would've been another book, pamphlet, or information covering this and a lot more discussion revolving around the responsibilities we have with having a CCW. Or at least some type of organized folder that I could go back to and reference from time to time. I didn't care to learn about holsters, and not have questions answered with a straight answer. I felt like the 16 hour class was "the price I had to pay and I had to do my time" as part of the requirement. If I'm going to do so, I want to feel like I got something out of it. I took the class at Cordova Shooting Center. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend this class. I heard the class at Sac Valley Shooting Center is great. Obviously a bit more of a drive though.

I think it would be helpful to discuss our opinions and experiences for the classes so others preparing to take these classes can make more informed decisions.

Perhaps, others will have had the same experience in the same class, which would be helpful for others trying to make a decision as to where to take their class. Otherwise, I don't want to crash this thread.

jusnitta 04-29-2011 3:10 PM
Ron Etchells class was all info you needed. I took his class couple months ago with some other friends. We all learned a lot in the amount of time we had. He is like a law library. Any questions just ask. If you are a rookie he will make sure you know what your doing. He gives many scenarios for you to learn from. The type of shooting he teaches is important to. Its not just stand there and shoot. But the majority of the class was learning. I really appreciated all the lessons he taught me. I was the guy that came with Kimo sabe'. He also gives you a chance after class to come out and shoot for free with another class. You can't beat free re-quals for life too. Him and the other instructor will also take the time and answer all your questions at the end too.

a12istotle 05-03-2011 12:53 PM

Ccwtrainer, is your name Wes? From Lagomarsino Firearm Institute?

1FSTREX 05-03-2011 1:07 PM

Yankee Hill Shooter - Ron Etchell

Hands down, no questions asked.

Ron has the insight, tactics, knowledge, and real world application to get the job done. As mentioned above most CCW courses are modified Guard Card courses or courses a place put together in a couple weeks in order to take advantage of this hike in CCW approvals. Think about it, with all the CCW approvals, nows the best time to start a CCW course. Why do you think ever local range has one now, guns stores even offer then, and tons of independent private shooters are now offering them.

Rons class is STRICTLY a CCW course, it was never been anything else. It was designed and implemented as a CCW course and thats what you need. His class is designed correctly, its not about going and shooting 1000 rounds through your handgun, its about putting 100 quality rounds through you hand gun and teaching you the dynamic real world mechanics of firing a handgun from a concealed position under stress.

He talks about real world situations, doesnt fill his class with fluff, has very practical live fire drills, and has one of the higherst success rates for approvals. Hes not just a CCW instructor but also a wealth of knowledge weather its what holster to use, which way to carry, how to apply, formatting good cause, or just a guy to shoot the **** with.

I am a long time shooter, compete in rifle and pistol competitions, i am an in the military and have all the training to go along with it and still learned an obserd amount of information from Ron.

As mentioned above, its a one time $175 flat fee. Free requals and free new handgun quals. Think about it, you want to add a new handgun most places charge you $10 to $15. Every two years you have to requal for your CCW, theres another $10 to $15 per a gun you want on your CCW. It all adds up. Not mentioned yet but you can also come back anytime to participate in his class. He usually tells you to come around 11 so that you dont have to sit through all the classroom stuff. You can then get some good practical shooting in. Also towards the end of the class when everyone else has to go back and finish up the classroom stuff you can stay out and shoot. I have done 2 new handgun quals with him and gone back about 5 times now to shoot with him. Saved me numerous amounts of money.

Best for the money, no questions asked.


ccwtrainer 05-03-2011 8:58 PM


Originally Posted by a12istotle (Post 6324653)
Ccwtrainer, is your name Wes? From Lagomarsino's Firearms Institute?

That's me. I just answered your e-mail a minute ago. I look forward to talking with you soon.

15thaf5thbw 05-03-2011 11:55 PM

Recommendation ...
Hey guys,

I highly recommend Wes's (ccwtrainer) course. Wes has deep knowledge in a wide-variety of applicable CCW topics, and though he makes sure to cover everything that's needed, he's really flexible when it comes to making the class work for you and the specific group of students with whom you will train. What you'll get from Wes is a lot on the law coupled with how that knowledge plays into your situational awareness and decision making (I found this "education" to be key to my comfort visa vi potential engagement of DF). And you'll get some top-notch range instruction too.


pbchief2 05-04-2011 12:14 AM

Another Sac CCW for Wes,

Having been through a couple of the security classes here in Sacramento and a few general classes in California, I would highly recommend Wes at LFI AKA ccwtrainer on the board. In addition to being able to keep the putting out information on ccw laws in CA, he is able to integrate a great amount of personal knowledge and keep the class from getting to stale.

Then there's the range instruction, his passion for shooting shows through in many aspects. He is also very big on safety while not being over bearing or "hard" on someone that may be new to shooting. He will show you the right way that works for you and help you to build a solid shooting ability.

I will be taking more courses with Wes as they become available and suggest that anyone in the Greater Sacramento area do the same. The value of what you get from Wes far exceeds what you would expect.


GutPunch 05-04-2011 7:58 AM


I took my Sac CCW instruction from Wes @ LFI (ccwtrainer) about a month ago. Boy was it a blast and very educational. He covers CA Penal Codes, safety topics, and was very helpful and patient with people on the range and in the classroom. Wes doesn't believe that yelling at you and/or humiliating you will benefit your training efforts.

In addition to that, the part I loved the most in the class that Wes does a good job of going over the serious implications of keeping deadly force on you and what happens to you if you have to use it. He has some extremely relevant personal history, which he discusses with the class, and then asks people to put forward defined scenarios from either their past or hypothetical questions.

It is a two day class for CCW in Sac County. Day one is a classroom day. Day two starts in the class but we quickly migrated to the range. Wes does his day two class at Sac Valley Shooting center (the premier range in the greater Sac area IMHO). It really helps to have an entire range to his class.

Lastly, Wes has additional state's certifications which his class covers for their live fire requirements. If you guys want to try and get CCW permits for other states without having to take additional courses, check with Wes.

I really recommend Wes @ LFI, aka ccwtrainer here on Calguns, for your Sac CCWs. And I'm going to take further classes with him!

vinson 05-04-2011 9:27 AM

Another plug for Wesley Lagomarsino at I too took his course and enjoyed it. The location of his first day class was very convenient on Watt ave here in Sac. His style is very relaxed as others have stated with a lot of open forum comments and questions. He fosters a relaxed but informative environment through demonstrations and discussions. The relaxed atmosphere allows every class member to get to know not only him personally but other members of the class. Overall, he makes what could be a day of very dry material very palatable to his class members. On the range the following day, it is a very relaxed but at the same time very structured shooting class. Safety is paramount and is always reinforced with the class members on the range. One of the best aspects of Wesley's class is that the instruction and fellowship doesn't end when the official class is over. Wesley continually feeds emails to his grads on pertinent topics and is always very responsive to emails regarding other CCW opportunities or other shooting qualification dates he has available. I really believe it is up to each CCW holder to keep informed with legal updates and also up to each one of us to take the time on our own to review the California penal codes regarding using lethal force in self defense. I consider Wesley a good friend and a great resource for all things CCW as I'm sure other grads of his class do. Highly recommended!!

HuyTLe 05-04-2011 10:59 PM

I'd recommend Wes without hesitation. He's flexible with his scheduling and the class was informative, safe and fun. I was limited in time and joined a class with all military guys, he made me feel welcomed and we all bonded pretty well.
Wes is also an excellent shooter and has a lot of good tips to improve your shooting.

The best part for me is that even the class is over he remembers each one of you and still e-mail you from time to time. It's a much more personal relationship that extends after the classroom.

wuhungsix 05-05-2011 1:21 PM

Kinda off topic, but how much ammo do I need to bring for each gun to qualify?

ccwtrainer 05-05-2011 2:56 PM

Sac County does not mandate a specific sequence of fire. It will be different with each instructor. My qualification test is a total of 36 rounds.

I do ask everyone to bring extra ammo though. Once everyone has qualified, we do a bit of fun shooting; rapid fire, shooting while moving, multiple target engagement, shooting from behind cover ... whatever we have time for.

hedo59 05-06-2011 12:09 AM

There are several places in Sac to take the CCW class. They all run about the same price. In fact Wesley Lagomarsino aka ccwtrainer here may charge just a little bit more. But boy is it worth it. Wes wants people to pass his class because they KNOW the material and can meet the qualifications. If the county does not have a set of real qualifications Wes will meet or surpass that of the other instructors I have heard of. He makes things more real to life. Real life things that may save yous
Wes is a class guy. He is honest. He loves teaching people how to protect themselves. He is a down to earth. He is fun and he knows his class subjects.

I will admit not having taken classes from any of the other instructs but I willy take all the classes Wes offers.

Gunner636 05-09-2011 10:46 PM

I took my CCW class with Wes (ccwtrainer) as well. I can tell you that you will LOVE his course. He makes it feel like you are just hanging out with a group of friends and you completely forget that you are in a "class." There is SO much info you have to learn/know and Wes makes it fun and easy to follow. When you have questions, he has answers. He is a real stand up guy. Thanks to his class I successfully got my CCW. I too am taking more classes from him like someone else mentioned. I am really looking forward to the 2 day tactical class he is offering :) But back to the CCW class, he made everyone there feel welcome and I know everyone had a good time based off the smiles we had on our faces after we qualified and went on to shoot more "real life" type senarios. SO MUCH FUN! Thanks again.

MountainShooter 05-16-2011 8:25 PM

Another "more than satisfied" customer of Wes. I could not be happier with the training I received from him. I had a special one-on-one CCW training with Wes last weekend. He even went out of his way to accommodate my schedule so I would not lose any valuable time at my work. We took range time in the thunder, lightning, and pouring rain and he wouldn't leave until I qualified with all the pistols I brought. We were soaked to the bone! I learned about all the above mentioned items and was given the best handgun training I have had to date. I am looking forward to taking more of the classes he offers, especially the defensive handgun training course and Utah CCW course. Oh, I forgot to mention that he is also a hell of a nice guy. Thanks Wes.

45R 05-16-2011 9:23 PM

Wes is the best thing going for Sac County! I have referred several students to him (that are both very picky and hold high standards) they both came back just raving about how awesome Wes is. The also made it every clear that safety came first. :D

sanjm23 05-17-2011 3:20 PM

Great information everyone. Will need training if I get approved. Which I hope will be smooth. My appointment is in August. Boy its been a long wait.

akoba 05-17-2011 3:36 PM

Don't worry you will get there soon. Don't think about it and later you will notice its already your august appointment. Good luck

ccwtrainer 06-13-2011 9:05 PM


Originally Posted by sanjm23 (Post 6415663)
Great information everyone. Will need training if I get approved. Which I hope will be smooth. My appointment is in August. Boy its been a long wait.

Keep checking the online appointment calendar and you're sure to find a sooner appointment. People cancel frequently. If you happen to be looking when they cancel, it's all yours!!

adrenaline 06-18-2011 9:41 PM

I called Wes and want to work with him but my schedule is tight until August.

Are there any trainers willing to do 6/26 and 7/9. Those are my only open dates till August (if I can't fill those dates...I'll schedule with Wes in August). ;)

unamused 06-20-2011 5:59 PM

Just sent wes an email about enrolling!

77bawls 06-27-2011 6:58 PM

I don't know where you guys get that Ron is $175. His website says $210. :confused:

I'm going to have to make an appointment with somebody here shortly either Wes or Ron. I like the fact Ron is pay once.

snowdog650 07-05-2011 10:06 PM

I took my course from John Taylor at Best Handgun Training in Lincoln. Very thorough ... offered good insight on the specific laws and scenario-based discussions made the class quite interesting. He's a very solid guy, and I would recommend him to anyone:

blasterman88 07-05-2011 10:24 PM

I would recommend John Taylor as well. Awesome class!!

bokguay 07-05-2011 10:36 PM

Im attending johns class july 9 and 10. He may have room still. I heard nothing but great things from a friend that took his class earlier.

NorCalCCWinstructor 07-08-2011 8:52 AM

Thanks everybody for the great compliments. I do have some room for this weekend. Email me at if you wish to sign up. (I am in an expedited class all day/evening).

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