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ORNGXTC 02-23-2014 12:35 AM

460SW or 454 Casull plinking round
Hey all. First off since i do not post much i do not want people to think i am new to the reloading world.I just have not found a manual that gives down loaded info. Last summer i purchased a 460. I would like to shoot it a little more often but the private indoor range that i belong to does not allow magnum velocity ammo to be shot. We are restricted to cast lead or plated bullets only in a maximum of medium velocity. What medium velocity means i can not get a anyone to commit to specifying. Does anyone have a low to medium velocity load using a 240gr bullet in a 454 or 460 case? i know i can shoot the 45 Colt but it is not a caliber that i currently load for and would like to stick with the two that i have mentioned as i have plenty of cases in those calibers. My two pistol powders that i use are W231 and W296. This has pretty much covered everything that i load for in pistol and provided great results.
Thanks in advance for any help or insight you may be able to provide.

CCrawford 02-23-2014 12:21 PM

IMR Trail Boss powder from 60% to 100% by uncompressed volume under the bullet of your choice.

The above is aimed at rifle cartridges, but same goes for revolver.

Good Luck,

Divernhunter 02-23-2014 12:44 PM

Since you have reloaded you know you cannot download the win296 powder. I use the 231 for 45acp/9mm. I would say it is not bulky enough for that brass.
Use a bulker powder and load to 45LC speck or slightly more. I am thinking even Unique would work. I would need to unpack(been painting the inside of the house) to see exactly what I did for my 454casull.

Swagman00 02-23-2014 1:57 PM

I know with my 500 that a 440 gr cast pill at a bhn of 12 and 10 gr of trail boss won't exceed 850 fps.

There should be some data out there for the 460 as well. 45 colt cases loaded up with TB and 230 gr. pills should make that thing really comfortable to handle. If you're certain that you'd prefer 454 or 460 cases, check the hodgdon website.

ORNGXTC 02-23-2014 7:58 PM

Guys thanks for the insight to TB. I have just never had to branch out into another powder. W231 and W296 have always been able to do what i needed. But due to the case capacity like you have said my 231 will not work and my 296 can not be down loaded enough get where i want to be.
Thanks again for the help and i will do a little more reading on TB. BTW the link was a great source of info.
Thank you!

CGT80 02-24-2014 1:18 AM

For 460 S&W mag, run 10.0 grains of trail boss and a 230 lead round nose boolit for 45 acp or a 45 colt boolit from 230-270 grains. I make a 270 grain hollow point 45 270 SAA profile and it runs out at 1,000 fps with 460 brass. It is pretty quiet (far less noise than full power 44 mag) and the recoil is low. It is a fun load. I was hitting a 12" steel plate at 100 yards with it. Trail boss may lose accuracy near 100% case volume. 10.0 grains is less than 100%. Do not compress the trail boss powder as it is rumored to get unpredictable. Trail boss has low velocities but high pressure as it is.

For mid level 460 loads I use A 5744 powder. It will go down to 1,000 fps, but it is far more expensive than trail boss and it doesn't burn completely even at 1400 fps. It will push a bullet almost as fast at 296.

Whiterabbit 02-24-2014 4:48 PM

500 grain lead slug with 30 grains of IMR4198 behind it. Don't tell them it's a 500 grain slug. Just tell them it plods along at 1200-1300 fps and is cast lead. They'll be asking you more questions anyways after they hear you let a few loose.

you can always load 240's with H110 in 454 cassul cases, that's pretty anemic too.

Whiterabbit 02-24-2014 4:50 PM

by the way, you absolutely can download H110. Two rules. use mag primers, (this is a soft rule), and no matter what, plunk the bullet RIGHT down on the powder for 100% case fill no matter where the crimp groove is (and this is not a soft rule)

h110 does fine as long as there is no air in the case.

ORNGXTC 02-24-2014 8:47 PM

That is one heck of a load you posted.Pushing a 1 1/8+ oz load out must be pretty substantial at 12-1300 fps. With a slug that big i guess their is no worrying about filling all the voids out is the case. BTW thank you for the info in your second post. While i am one that follows the book and usually stays a little below max when loading that was some very informative info. While analyzing the logic behind it, it makes total since. As i am sure you will agree that biggest issue of the 460 like other cases of its size is the sure volume of them when it comes too loading light bullets at low velocity. I am almost sure i would have to recess the 240gr bullets (below the case line) i plan to use if i even wanted to attempt this under loading of 296. This has been a great read and source of info.
I also like your screen name. It reminds me of the White Rabbit bottle shop at the Jack Daniel's distillery.
Thanks again to all for the info.

Whiterabbit 02-24-2014 9:42 PM

I don't believe quickloads thinks much of 4198 in a 460 case, but it works for me. I use it from ~300 grains-ish to a 740 grain monster. Below 270-300 grains-ish I switch to H110 or trailboss, because I'm trying to do exactly one of two things with a light bullet in a 460 case.

I don't even bother with 45 or 454 cases anymore.

H110 is good up to maybe 550 grain bullets, give or take. I don't see a reason to use H110 on 600 grain projectiles, anyways. Starts at 50ish grains of H110 for the 200 grain projectiles down to lower by 550, it's 20 or 25 grains for a 550 grain projectile, I forget which. If you actually care, ask me and I'll look up the notes. in-betweeners is linear, and it works. The only rule is seat to zero airspace. Which, frankly, maybe you CAN seat off the powder, I don't know. I'm not gonna find out though.

4198 is more civilized. My favorite loads are 32 grains with a 425 grain bullet and 31 grains with a 500 grain bullet (RCBS-500-BPS). at te moment its looking like the fat meplat 425 flies a wee better. But if you are a pig and I have a barrel rest, you are dead within 100 yards anyways.

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