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Mail Clerk 08-15-2020 2:41 PM

So What do you have in Stock
Gun Effects,

Since all your rivals have practically nothing to sell I wanted to put the same question to you. How much stock do you have? If you have something to look at before purchasing then I'll make a trip out to your store.

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Coffeeandgunsandammo 08-15-2020 7:19 PM

I've been in there store a couple times, and they have stuff come in and go just as fast as, there is always a line to get in. Last time they had some revolvers, naa 22, some nice ones you don't see often. They had a AK some 17hmr and 22 long guns, 1911highend, and Springfield fields XD, and a CZ97, lowers, and some other rifles, I think it just depends. oh they also had a hk p2000. Totally worth going just to look and see the situation as it progresses. I frequent shops a bit just to see and get out of the house. Maybe do some impulse shopping on small parts or cleaning tools or some small ammo purchase if they are not to busy. Walther p22 also I have seen there.

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Mail Clerk 08-16-2020 10:34 AM


Since they have no consistent stock available I'll consider dropping by if and only I have absolutely nothing to do. I'm back into revolvers again so what I'm looking for is a nice RIA model 206 or the model 200. Don't want to spend much money until the virus thing is over and good stock is back up to par.

Mail Clerk

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