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Diinky 12-13-2017 3:21 PM

Trip to Las Vegas with non-resident Utah CCW
I'm making a trip to Vegas with my non-resident Utah CCW next month. I was wondering if those who have traveled there can confirm whether my understanding of the laws is correct?

I can pretty much carry everywhere (barring schools and government buildings). "No CCW" signs do not have force of law, but if I am discovered and asked to leave, I must do so. I won't be drinking while carrying so that shouldn't be an issue. If I am spotted carrying on the strip, I am pretty much expected to be escorted off the premise (and if it's the hotel I'm staying at, will be asked to secure my firearm in a safety deposit box until checkout). There is no duty to inform, although if I am stopped by an officer, I plan to give my DL and CCW at the same time.

Is this accurate? Am I missing anything here? Thanks!

CSACANNONEER 12-13-2017 3:32 PM

While I don't drink much, I have legally had a drink while carrying in NV. So, if you happen to decide on a glass of wine with your meal, no worries, it's legal. Other than that, you're correct except, SOME CCW signs do advice you that it is illegal to carry there so, don't ignore all of them. Read NV laws and understand them. Don't just listen to people/websites on the internet.

Quiet 12-13-2017 5:15 PM

"No firearms/weapons" signs have force of law when posted at the entrance to a Gov owned/operated building/facility, school/college property, and child care facilities. [NRS 202.3673 & 202.265]
^Be aware that there are several NV convention spaces/buildings that are owned/operated by NV Gov agencies.

"No firearms/weapons" signs do not have force of law when posted on private property (e.g. casinos, stores, resturants).

NV trespassing laws allows property owner or their respresentative to ask anyone to leave their property for any reason (including carrying/possessing a firearm).
Failure to comply can result in an arrest for trespassing and/or public nuisance. [NRS 207.200 & 206.140]

Not legal to carry/possess if your BAC is at 0.10+ and/or if you are under the influence of a controlled substance (includes marijuana). [NRS 202.257]

MrOrange 12-17-2017 4:50 PM

I'm not in Clark County, but I can tell you that whether or not to declare when contacted by LE seems split 50/50 amongst the permit holders & instructors here in Washoe Co.

I'm thinking if I were the contacting officer, I'd want to know, and the fact that someone volunteered that info would count in their favor.

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