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NorCalTodd 04-24-2018 8:34 AM

NCPPRC Monthly LR Match Sunday May 6 is COF #2, "Long Range"
Sunday May 6th we will shoot COF #2, Long Range

COF #2 is our mid-level long range COF.
* It’s a small step up from COF #1 allowing you to utilize the skills you’ve learned and apply them in different ways.
* It will challenge your mental game with head shots and some weak side shooting as well as transitions.
* It offers more time to work on your wind reading skills in a match environment.
* This COF is very manageable for new shooters that have shot our practice sessions or COF #1

NOTE: Registration opens on Sunday, 4/29 at 6 PM and closes on Friday, 5/4 at 6 PM.
If you do not register online for the match, there is no assurance that you will be able to participate.

There are two steps to the registration process: Registering for the match, and Selecting a Squad.
* After you initially register and get to the “Thank You” page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Select Squad” button to squad yourself.

If the match is full, please sign up on the Waiting list, and include good contact information for us to reach you if a spot on the roster opens up. Vacancies will be filled from the waiting list in the order received.

* Members will need to use the Pre-Registration code provided in the Members Practice & Matches forum until general registration opens.
* Please plan accordingly. (Don't be "That Guy")

Please note:
* New shooters please sign up on squad 1. This squad will shoot first.

>>--->Click Me to sign up with PractiScore<---<<

New/first time shooters are always welcome just let us know when you sign in so we can squad you accordingly.
You must have drop data for your rifle and bullet.
Please use this link to print out a dope sheet: Click me for JBM Ballistics

Our matches max out at 56 shooters. NorCal members have a priority registration period before General Registration opens.

If we get more than 50 people sign up to shoot, we will put 2 targets on one frame. If you have already been paired up at previous matches remind me at sign in, especially those of you who have done it twice already.

The first relay working the target pits (relay 2) will set out the targets when they go to the pits

Set up: Shooters are encouraged to show up early (7:15 AM) and help lube the carriers and set out pit boxes, clip boards, etc.
Sign in: 0730-0820 (Sharp!)
Safety Brief at 0830
- Please be there to sign in BEFORE the safety brief starts.

COF will be posted, but not read at the safety brief. We will read it on the firing line.

Click me for COF #2 "Long Range"

Entry Fee:
NCPPRC members: $15
Non-members: *NOTE: 2018 entry fee increase - $30 *

jconfus 04-27-2018 5:14 PM

Gotta do a COF 1 or practice session some day.

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NorCalTodd 05-17-2018 7:28 AM


Originally Posted by jconfus (Post 21575716)
Gotta do a COF 1 or practice session some day.

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Our next Long Range practice session is Saturday June 2nd. You will need to sign up in PractiScore through our forum when the practice announcement comes out ( ) Registration for the June practice session will open next weekend and fills up fast.

We will do COF #1 in July. Registration will open June 25th at 6 PM, and that COF usually fills to capacity as well (56 shooters).

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