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frakki 08-09-2009 3:33 PM

Looking for ammo in northern cal. sonoma county
Hi all,

I am in the north bay and can meet and pick any where in the bay. I am looking for the following ammo:

7.63x 54r
12 g buck, #4,BBB,BB,t-shot, slugs
20 g buck,#4,BB,BBB,t-shot
.410 anything
9 mm
.45 APC
.300 savage
M1 carbine

Other items I am looking for are:

any cal legal 1911 .45 apc mags
any cal legal M1 carbine mags in good shape
Kar98k stripper clips
Good Nagunt stripperclips 7.62X54r only
ammo cans

I am not so gang banger, I am a disabled Combat Veteran from the war in Iraqi. I am a avid hunter and shooter and I am having a hard time finding ammo around my parts.

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