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sdlocalkid85 12-10-2012 5:28 PM

anyone in North County San Diego with a spot welder?
Ive reached a point in my project and I need to set the rails in place. I just got the barrel pressed back into the trunion and need to complete the rifle by installing the rails. Unfortunately I only have a MIG welder and already ruined one pair of rails by attempting to tack it in place (the nozzle on the mig welder wont allow me to reach the areas I want to weld). It would be greatly appreciated if someone who had a spot welder could help me out. I would be more than happy to work something out, maybe some brews for the help. thanks to all

TriumphAndrew 12-10-2012 5:36 PM

Where are you trying to weld? Inside the receiver?

sdlocalkid85 12-10-2012 5:40 PM

yeah, I was trying to avoid putting holes in the receiver and welding from the outside, but if I cant get anyone to help with the spot welder I think I will have to go down that road

kcstott 12-10-2012 6:06 PM

Well I need to get a spot welder but right now I tig weld from the outside through 1/8" hole I drill in the receiver.
Once the welds are ground down with a die grinder you can't tell it was welded. And the strength is very high.

fxjets 12-10-2012 6:56 PM

PM me. I'm in Carlsbad.

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