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CGN Staff 08-19-2019 4:25 PM

SAF Discussion & Analysis
This thread will be for questions, articles, comments, links and analysis of the Second Amendment Foundation.

CGN Staff 09-27-2019 1:37 PM

Californio 10-01-2019 9:25 AM

He supported, Manchin-Toomey gun proposal, enough said.

OCEquestrian 10-24-2019 9:38 AM


Originally Posted by Californio (Post 23463969)
He supported, Manchin-Toomey gun proposal, enough said.

Reference please...

Californio 10-24-2019 4:54 PM

The Internet is your friend, search and listen.

"Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation discusses his role in helping to craft the Manchin-Toomey Background Checks legislation currently in the Senate."


Originally Posted by OCEquestrian (Post 23538542)
Reference please...

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