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sparrky 11-05-2013 7:48 AM

M&P shield 9mm
Greetings. Looking to buy a Shield ,9mm? Thanks.

sparrky 11-10-2013 2:38 AM

MP anwer. BTT

mmunn84 11-20-2013 11:24 AM

Helps to know where your located... I got the run around with wild bills since july; I had one on preorder. Finally grew a pair, cancelled my order and found Rick with Placer Tactical located in Lincoln (about 1 hour outside Sacramento). In 5 min I had my gun purchased, and was provided with serial number. Just have my background check and I can pick it up. Rick is a straight shooter. Just upgraded my shield with some xs big dots ALSO courtesy of Rick and he is selling them $15 cheaper than the actual xs website! Def. got to look him up.

sparrky 11-25-2013 1:43 PM

In the Bay Area...will check out Placer. Thanks.

Double_D 03-20-2014 9:45 AM

I heard you guys will cover the SSE fee if I buy directly from you. Do you have any M&P shield 9mm in stock or will you have any soon?

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