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PhoenixTacticalSolutions 01-05-2014 11:34 AM

Video: Low Light Carbine + Transition to Secondary
Unfortunately, Sean and I get very little trigger time so we decided to do some low light shooting last week. We were somewhat rusty but had a great time.

Working lights (and bullet buttons) is a great way to ascertain the viability of gear and to ingrain techniques under somewhat stressful runs which include multiple targets, movement, shooting from cover and transitioning to secondary. A type 1 malfunction was a welcome addition to this particular run. In class, we tape and check our hits after each run.

Without the benefit of the camcorder's light and pitch black darkness, it becomes readily apparent that one needs to focus on the threats. Our targets are obviously stationary but a moving adversary may be lost if one takes his/her eyes off the threat even for an instant.

BTW, I am shooting a rifle fitted with an Inforce 200 Lumen WML at 12 o'clock, a 2nd Generation Glock 17 and using a Surefire 6PX tactical handheld flashlight with 200 Lumens.

Here's the video:

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