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typer1997 10-03-2020 7:15 PM

pof and zenith
when will product from pof and zenith be coming including ak47 and 74 from romanian full stock and under stock

Atlantic Firearms 10-04-2020 6:34 AM

We do not expect more POF or Zenith at this time.
We do not know when more AK74 series rifles will arirve .
We do expect some of the Romanian AK47 series to slowly trickle in over the next few months.

All firearms both import and domestic have been heavily impacted beacuse of the Covid 19 Virus .

Atlantic Firearms 10-08-2020 5:41 AM

Black Aces Tactical Bullpup shotguns are inbound soon . We will have these in both Pump and Semi auto . Both models are magazine fed and the Pump action would be CA legal .

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